Departments/Schools offering the Programme Discipline                             Allied Disciplines/ Areas
Department of Ceramic Engineering
Ceramic Engineering
Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree in any branch of Engineering.
Master’s degree in Materials Science/ Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry/ Physics/ Applied Physics/ Geology or Geophysics (with Mathematics as a subject at Bachelor’s Degree level).
Master’s degree in Biological Sciences/ Modern Medicine/ Indian Medicine (for the areas related to Bioceramics).
Preference would be given to candidates with B.Tech./M.Tech. in Ceramic Engineering/with some background of ceramics.
Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology
Chemical Engineering
Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in any branch of Engineering/ Technology with Mathematics at Senior Secondary (Plus 2)/Intermediate level.
Master’s degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry/Environmental Science/ Biotechnology/Industrial Chemistry with Mathematics at Senior Secondary (Plus 2)/Intermediate level.
Department of Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
M.Sc.(Engg.)/M.E./M.Tech. degree in Applied Mechanics, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chemical Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Naval Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Agricultural Engineering.
M.Sc.(Engg.)/M.E./M.Tech. in Geoinformatics, Geomatics, Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing and GIS.
M.E./M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering.
B.Sc.(Engg.)./B.E./B.Tech./M.Sc.(Engg.)/M.E./M.Tech. or equivalent degree in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Science and Technology.
M.Sc./M.Tech. in Geophysics, Geology.
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
B.Tech./B.E./M.Tech./M.E. degree in Computer Technology/ Information Technology/ Electronics Engineering/ Electronics and Communication Engineering/All related subjects of Computer Engineering at M.Tech. level/ M.Tech. in Mathematics & Computing.
Department of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
B.Tech. & M.Tech. in Electronics Engineering.
Department of Electrical Engineering
Systems Engineering
Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in any Branch of Engineering or Bachelor’s Degree in any Branch of Engineering.
Department of Electronics Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Master’s degree in any of the following areas:
Digital Communication Systems, Information and Coding Theory, Telecom Networks, Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems, Digital Systems and Microprocessors, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision and Robotics, Signal and Systems Theory, Control Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and their applications, Power Electronics, Microelectronics and VLSI Systems, Semiconductor Device Modelling and Simulation, Solid State Devices, Organic Electronics, Transparent Semiconductors and Photovoltaics, Sensors and Pattern Recognition, Electronic Instrumentation and Virtual Instrumentation, Electromagnetics, RF Engineering and Microwaves, Antennas, Optoelectronics and Optical Communication, Photonic Networks and Systems, Information Technology.
Department of Humanistic Studies
Humanities and Social Sciences
Master’s/Bachelor’s degree in any Engineering discipline;
Master’s degree in any Science discipline;
4-year – Bachelor’s Science degree.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering and Master’s degree in any discipline/ area relevant to Mechanical Engineering.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Management
Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Engineering and Master’s degree in any branch of Engineering/Management.
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Mechanical / Chemical / Production Engg./Manufacturing Engg./Mineral Engg./ Ceramic Engg.
Master’s degree in Materials Science / Engg./ Technology
Master’s degree in Physical Sciences (Solid State Physics)/Chemical Sciences (Inorganic / Physical Chemistry/Industrial Chemistry)/ Biological Sciences/Geology with Mathematics as a subject at Bachelor’s level.
Department of Mining Engineering
Mining Engineering
Master’s degree in Geology/Geophysics/Geohydrology Mathematics/ Petroleum Geosciences /Chemistry/ Environmental Science/Materials Science/Botany/ Zoology/Polymer Science/Computer Science
Master’s degree in Chemical Engg. / Environmental Engg. /Civil Engg./Industrial Engg./Mechanical Engg./Electrical Engg./Computer Engg./Electronics Engg./Polymer Engg. or Technology/ Ceramic Engg./Materials Engg./Information Technology
Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology
MS/M.Pharm./M.Tech. in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Pharmaceutical Engineering/Pharmaceutical Technology/ Pharmaceutical Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics/ Biochemical Engineering/ Biomedical Engineering with graduation in Pharmacy (B.Pharm./B.Tech.).
Department of Chemistry
M.Sc./M.Tech. in Microbiology/ Chemistry/ Industrial Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Medicinal Chemistry/ Materials Science & Technology/ Environmental Science and Nano Technology with chemistry as a subject at Bachelor Level.
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Master’s degree in Statistics/ Computer Science/ Computer Engineering, with Mathematics as a subject at Bachelor’s level.
Bachelor’s degree (B.Tech./B.E.) in Mathematics and Computing/ Computer Engineering/Computer Science.
Department of Physics
M.Sc./M.Tech. in Applied Physics, Engineering Physics, Bio-Physics, Electronics Engg., Materials Science, Ceramic Engg., Metallurgical Engg., Electrical Engg., Bio-Informatics, Geomatics and Geoinformatics, Computer Science, Computer Engg., Mechanical Engg., Mathematics, Chemistry, Remote Sensing, Astrophysics, Space Physics, Applied Optics, Atmospheric Physics, Fibre Optics & Photonics, Nanotechnology  and Biotechnology.
School of Biochemical Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Master’s degree in Biochemistry / Biotechnology/Microbiology/ Environmental Science.
Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Biochemical Engg./ Food Technology/Pharmacy/Chemical Engineering/Biotechnology
School of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
B.Tech./M.Tech. degree in Bioengineering/Electrical Engg./ Electronics Engg./Instrumentation Engg./Mechanical Engg./ Computer Engg./Materials Science & Technology/ Chemical Engg./ Bio-technology/ Nanotechnology.
M.Sc./M.Tech./Engineering in Pharmacy.
M.Sc./M.Tech. in Statistics, Mathematics.

M.Sc. degree in Physics/Chemistry/Polymer Sciences/ Biochemistry/ Life Sciences.

School of Materials Science & Technology
Materials Science & Technology
Master’s degree in Chemical Sciences, Materials Science and Physical Sciences.
Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Ceramic/ Chemical/ Civil/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Mechanical / Metallurgical/ Polymer Engineering/ Plastic Technology/ Materials Technology/ Nanotechnology.
Master’s degree in Dentistry/ Orthopedics/ E.N.T./ Rasa Shastra.