General Suggestions

You can write to us for any of the issues mentioned below.

A) For authenticated users 

1) For creation of a new profile for faculties/officers, provide us with below information -
Full Name : 
Designation :
Area of research :
Institute email id :
Contact details :

2) Users are advised to use full name in their profile. This makes them visible in our Search results . Search box is available on the home page. 

3) Individual users should not refer (copy/paste) images from external link in their profile. For issues with content update on your profile, let us know with your problem description.

4) Changes related to your Name / Designation.

B) For moderators / web conveners

1) Do not use photos from external links, in case of urgent use of them, please contact us with your requirement.
2) Department moderators should maintain the sanity, responsiveness and uniformity in the title and design of every page they have been assigned as owners.
3) Inform us regularly about obsolete web contents that should be deleted from the website to keep it up to date.

C) For authenticated users and web conveners both
1) As you have been granted access to modify the content of your profile, you are solely responsible for integrity of your profile and also for data of your section (department / unit / office) in case you own Moderator access too.
2) Before making change to any page it is advisable to take backup of the content locally. We may not be able to provide it, in case of data loss. As ownership to the content is decentralized and we might not be having back up for recent changes you have made.