TLC Activities

Teaching Learning Cell runs programs to enhance teaching-learning processes at IIT (BHU). It covers all aspects of teaching, pedagogy, teaching research (newer way of teaching), laboratory projects, assessment etc. covering the following areas:

Course Delivery
• Planning of the course delivery
• Organizing course material using Moodle or other software support
• Designing laboratory sessions
• Dealing with large classes
• Organising tutorials for courses
• Effective handling of tutors and teaching assistants
Role of design in courses
Project based learning (within courses or without)
E-Content Generation & E-Infrastructure development
a. NRC
c. Flipped Classroom
d. Promoting integration of ICT, eg. Moodle, open source software.
e. Coordinate with national efforts in e-learning

  1. Designing MOOC type of courses etc.

Evaluation and academic program assessment (testing centre, scanning services, mid sem feedback)
• Designing good examinations
• Grading at the end of semester
• Evaluating projects
Sharing best practices in teaching by effective teachers at IIT (BHU)
• Running remedial programs in specific areas of weakness in teaching & learning (including student counseling)
Faculty Development Program
• Running National program of Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) on ‘Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education(QEEE)’ with a mandate to bring about comprehensive reforms in technical education. IIT (BHU) has been selected as a member for giving the feedback on the following programs running as Pilot: Live Lectures, Live Tutorials, Live Labs, MOOC (Open Courseware) and Bridge Courses.
• Moodl initiatives at IIT(BHU)
• Organizing National / International workshops/conferences/symposiums/seminars related to all aspects of teaching & learning organizing skill based training program
• consulting experts (National/ International) to support teaching learning activities