Design and Development Activities

1.4.1 New facilities added

S. No.                      Details (Infrastructure, Equipment, etc.) Value (in Rupees)
1 Design facilities available for designing and prototyping circuits for electronics circuits and medical devices: 3D printing machine, reflow soldering machine, bread board system, power supplies, signal generators and CROs. 10.00 lakh


Patents filed

S. No. Name of Faculty Member Title of Patent
1 Sanjeev Kumar Mahto A Method for Rapid 3D Prototyping of Skeletal Muscle Tissue Constructs Using a Novel Composition of Bio-ink

Research and Consultancy

1.5.1 Sponsored research projects

S. No. Title Period Funding Agency Amount (in lakhs of Rs.) Co- ordinator
1 Development of Microfluidic Tools for Neuromuscular Synaptogenesis and Nanotoxicological Studies July, 2014 – June, 2019 DST-INSPIRE Faculty 35.00 Sanjeev Kumar Mahto


Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Principal Investigator of joint collaboration of SBME, IIT (BHU), Varanasi with Pravartan Technologies Private Limited, Gurgaon – Haryana, India as for the development of:

  • Wearable biomedical device for stress management (“LesStress”)
  • Non-invasive glucometer