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  • B.Tech
    Department offers four year B.Tech. program in Chemical Engineering with B.Tech. (Hons.) degree in Energy, Transfer processes and Reaction Engineering and Catalysis stremes. Show(+)   Hide(-)
  • M.Tech
    Department offers two year M.Tech. program in Chemical Engineering.
  • Ph.D.
    Department offers PhD degree in Chemical Engineering.

  • Renewable and non conventional Energy resources: Department has an active group of researchers working towards the development of bio-fuels from various grades of bio-mass Click for details ...
  • Waste minimization and utilization: Rapid increase in the industrialization and urbanization has led to increase in waste materials and pollution Click for details ...
  • New Materials and devices: Many research groups in the department are actively participating to develop new materials and devices ranging from nanomaterials for sensing and catalysis to the fabrication of microfluidic theranostics devices Click for details ...

Historical Background

Department of Industrial Chemistry was established in 1921 at Banaras Hindu University. Subsequently, it was renamed as the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology in 1956. The Department has established several benchmarks of achievements in teaching and research. It modernizes its programmes to impart education in upcoming areas of chemical engineering.. Show(+)
The Department presently offers courses leading to B. Tech., M. Tech. and Ph. D. degrees in Chemical Engineering. The Department also offers courses to IIT(BHU) and Banaras Hindu University.In the new undergraduate curriculum, the department has been entrusted to offer a number of institute level courses either independently or jointly with outer departments. The research facilities of the department are utilized not only by other departments of the institute and BHU but also by other teaching institutions and research laboratories.
The floor area of the department is 4,002 sq. meter. The department 18 laboratories, a workshop, 7 lecture theatres, a 250 seat auditorium, a library having over 11,000 volumes of text and reference books and a textbook bank and internet facility. The Department also has a seminar room and a few instruction rooms and rooms for its faculty. The University Grants Commission, New Delhi has granted the Department the Status of Centre of Advanced Study in Chemical Engineering. The Department also enjoys the status of DST – FIST Sponsored Department.
The Department enjoys an excellent rapport and professional interaction with various industrial organisations. Faculty members are engaged in high level consultancy work in industry, where as some others have projects funded by the industry. Besides these, the Department also provides know-how for process improvement/ development, raw materials and products analysis, pollution monitoring facilities, etc to the industries in and around Varanasi. Hide(-)