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  • Dual Degree (IDD)
    Five year IMD (Engineering Physics) Programme [prior to 2014]
    The 5-year M. Tech. programme in Engineering Physics was started in 2005 to impart knowledge of various core technical disciplines without compromising the basic physics and mathematics courses. Show(+)
    The aim of the course is at bringing research into technology. Thus the course gives an insight to the disciplines of engineering as well as science.
    The course majorly consists of Physics, Mathematics, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Material Science along with labs in Programming, Communication, CAD, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, etc.
    As a part of the course curriculum, it is compulsory for the students to undergo industrial training / summer internship and gain practical working experience. This allows the students to develop working skills.
    Electives in the final year allow students to focus on specific areas of interest. The final semester is dedicated entirely to project work. Hide(-)
  • M.Sc.

    A new two-year M. Sc. program in Physics is being started from the year 2019-20. The program aims to provide deep understanding of the fundamental physics and its application to various physical and technological problems.The students would go through a four semesters (two years) of rigorous coursework and a final year dissertation to obtain a Master of Science in Physics.

Salient features:
  • Comprehensive training in basic physics topics with emphasis on applications.
  • Essential laboratory components that supplement the theory parts in the lectures.
  • Six electives in two years to train the students in specialized fields.
  • A yearlong project work that introduces a culture of research work to the students  
  • Ph.D.
    Department offers Ph. D. Programme in different specialized areas of physics. (Specialized Areas: Solar Physics, Space & Planetary Physics, Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics Show(+) (Theory & Experiment), Biophysics, Fiber optics, Photonics,Remote Sensing, Materials Science, Quantum information, Renewable Energy) Hide(-)


The Department of Physics has always laid great emphasis on theoretical and experimental research. The thrust areas of research are:

Historical Background

The Department of Physics (formerly Applied Physics Section, 1968) established in 1985, is a center of repute for quality research and training in Physics. The Department offers a Five Year Integrated M. Tech. course in Engineering Physics. This programme trains the young students in the areas of Physics, Engineering and Technology. Show(+) The Department also offers two Institute Science courses to B. Tech / IMD /IDD Part – I students (about 1000 students of all branches of Engineering and Science) and two courses to B. Tech (Preparatory) course students every year. Besides M. Tech. and B. Tech. courses, Department has a strong Ph. D. programme and offers an excellent research programme in the field of Solar Physics, Space & Planetary Physics, Astrophysics, Fiber Optics, Photonics, Condensed Matter Physics, Biophysics, Materials sciences, Remote Sensing, Quantum Information, and Renewable Energy.Hide(-)