Specialization :Remote Sensing

  • Actively working on ground based bistatic scatterometer system and satellite-based measurements for the prediction of the sensors parameters and monitoring the growth of several crops on large scale, extracting information on land use/land cover and landscape dynamics for satellite data using machine learning techniques, retrival of Land surface temperatures (LST) using satellite images for urban heat island (UHI) and environmental studies.
  • Collaborative work with Space Application Centre, ISRO on ScatSat-1 calibration and validation and also have collaboration on NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission.

Recent Publications:

  • Dual-polarimetric C-band SAR data for land use/land cover classification by incorporating textural information”, Environmental Earth Sciences, 76 (1-16) (2017).
  • Comparison of support vector machine, artificial neural network, and spectral angle mapper algorithms for crop classification using LISS IV data, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 36, 6, 1604 (2015).
  • Knowledge-based decision tree approach for mapping spatial distribution of rice crop using C-band synthetic aperture radar-derived information, Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 11 046003 (2017).