Specialization : Statistical and Computational Physics

  • Research focused on understanding physics of active matter systems and their comparison with their equilibrium counterparts, force induced transition, effect of molecular crowding and confinement on the stability, dynamics, function of bio-polymers.
  • Current activities include ordering kinetics and steady state in clean as well as disordered collection of self-propelled particles, binary phase separation in active systems, dynamics of particle moving in random and periodic Lorentz-lattice gas etc.
  • Computational approaches involve Exact Enumeration technique, Transfer Matrix technique, Monte Carlo simulation method, and Molecular Dynamics method: Coarse grained and all atom simulation.

Recent Publications:

  • “Order-disorder transition in active nematic: A lattice model study”, Scientific reports 7 (1), 7080 (2017).
  • “Boundary induced convection in a collection of polar self-propelled particles”, Physica A, 477, 128, (2017)