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  • B.Tech
    The Department runs a four-year B.Tech. programme in Computer Science and Engineering since 1983. Students, for the program, are admitted through the most prestigious UG engineering entrance exam of the country, JEE (Advanced). Show(+) The program is a mix of fundamental and applied courses leading to different streams Computer Science and Engineering. Apart from learning the concepts of development of skills related to the discipline, the courses are designed in such a way that have broad base of humanities and science courses as well as courses that enable the students to build their character. Hence, overall objective is to provide education to the students with aim to build the student well human with strong character and responsive to demands of society and nature.  Hide(-)
  • Dual Degree (IDD)
    Department also offers dual degree i.e., B.Tech. and M.Tech., in Computer Science and Engineering from 2005-06. Show(+) The students work on a research problem independently leading to M.Tech. Dissertation for a period of one year after completing the four years of B.Tech. programme. They earn their M.Tech. degree along with B.Tech. degree.  Hide(-)
  • M.Tech
    The department starts a full-time M.Tech. program in Computer Science and Engineering. The program considers Artificial Intelligent (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) specializations. The program covers core courses, elective courses, and the project. The admission in the program is through GATE. 
  • Ph.D.
    The department is actively involved in research in many areas of Computer Science. The focus of the PhD program is on research training with a high degree of specialization. The aim of such a training is to make our PhD students very competent in their respective areas, Show(+) so that they may be able to take up teaching or research-and- development work in future. Ph.D. students are also involved in teaching assistantship. This develops their teaching abilities. A admitted PhD student pursue his research in a specific area of research with a highly trained faculty member who is his/her PhD thesis supervisor. Information related to various specializations available in the Dept. are available in respective section.  Hide(-)

  • Computer Vision
    Digital image processing is the use of computer algorithms to perform image processing on digital images. As a subcategory of the digital Click for details...
  • AI, NLP and Information Retrieval
    Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics concerned with the   Click for details...
  • Machine Learning
  • Networks
    Network group works in different areas of network viz. Network Security, Social Networks, Peer to Peer networks, Wireless Sensor Networks etc. Click for details...
  • High Performance Computing
    HPC Group is providing training, assistance, and support for researchers and students in high performance computing in the institute. Click for details
  • Software Engineering Click for details

Historical Background

The Department of Computer Engineering was established in July 1983. The department offers a 4 year course, B.Tech. in Computer Sc. & Engineering, 5 year Integrated Dual Degree (B.Tech. and M.Tech.) in Computer Sc. & Engineering from 2005-2006, and Ph.D. degree in various specializations of Computer Sc. and Engineering. Computer Sc. & Engineering is the most sought- after branch for the JEE (Advanced) selected students that come to the Institute. Our graduates have distinguished themselves in higher studies at the top Universities. They also occupy positions of eminence in the computer industry. Show(+) Our Alumni remain in constant touch with us and are contributing in the development of the department. Placements for our graduates are the best in the Institute. The faculty members of the department have international experience and training. The departmental research is focused in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Neuro Computing, Parallel Processing, Software Engineering, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Datamining and Webmining, Biometrics, semantic web, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Information Extraction. Besides plan funding, the Department attracts financial inputs through externally funded projects and alumni donations. The department has all the facilities to carry out the related teaching and research work. Hide(-)