Current Running Projects:
S.No Principal investigator  Project Funding organization  Cost of project  Duration of project 
1 Ajay Pratap Resource-Optimized Fog Computing for Smart Healthcare Application in IoT-enabled Heterogeneous Networks Science and Engineering Research Board, Govt. of India 29,06,970  2 Years
2 Dr. Pratik Chattopadhyay Development of Improved Algorithms for Intelligent Video Surveillance Core Research Grant Under SERB, DST INR 29,000,00 3 Years (March 2021-March 2024)
3 Dr. Ruchir Gupta (PI) Incorporating Intelligence in Email System BRNS, Govt. of India, - 02 Years (2018-2020).
4 Dr. Tanima Dutta (PI) A Robust Medical Image Forensics System for Smart Healthcare SERB, India (ECR Award) INR 14.01810 Lacs,  2018-2020
5 Dr. Hari Prabhat Gupta (Co-PI) and Dr. Tanima Dutta (Co-PI) , Prof. Supratik Guha, University of Chicago (PI) Water-to-Cloud, Agency: Tata Centre for Development at UChicago, - 10,00,000.00 INR  One Year (2018-2019)
6 Dr. Hari Prabhat Gupta (PI) and Dr. Tanima Dutta (Co-PI) Development of an Energy-efficient Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Agriculture, Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Govt. of India - 34,47,130.00 INR Three Years (2017-2020)
7 Dr. Ravindra Nath Chowdary (PI) Efficient Generation of a Query-Specific Extractive Summary on Multiple Documents – A Distributive Approach, Sponsoring Agency: SERB, Govt. of India, - - 03 Years
8 Dr. H.P. Gupta (PI) Energy-efficient Protocols for Sensing Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks, Sponsoring Agency: IIT (BHU), - - 03 Years (2016-2019)
9 Dr. Sukomal Pal (PI), Dr. Gopabandhu Mishra (Co-PI) Building a Sanskrit Text Collection for Information Retrieval, Sponsoring Agency: Project Varanasi, - - 1 Year (2018-2019).
10 Dr. Prasenjit Chanak Development of a smart monitoring system for health and oestous of dairy cows in remote location DST, Government of India SERB, Government of     India 20 Lakhs  
11 Dr. Mayank Swarnkar An Artificial Intelligence Supported Intrusion Detection and Behavior Monitoring System for Crucial Data Servers against Novel Cyber Attacks Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), 27 Lakhs Two Years (Jan'22 to Dec'23)
12 Dr. Lakshmanan Kailasam Learning for Radio Resource Management, Name of funding organization NOKIA 12,00,000 INR 3.5 Years. 
13  Dr. Tanima Dutta Optimal Transport Derivations in Regularized Wasserstein Space for Non-linear & Linear Transformations of Deep Neural Networks  SERB MATRICS
 660000 3 years
  • Patent published: Internet of Things based estrous monitoring and detection system for dairy cows (202031007202)
  • Paper published: A Green Cluster-based Routing Scheme for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks, International Journal of communication system, 2020, 33(9), e4375 (Wiley).


Completed Sponsored Projects:

Apr 95 - Mar 98 Integrated Computer Aided Diagnosis Project AICTE Thrust Area Scheme.  (Rs. 7.70 lacs) Dr. K.K Shukla
1998-2000 Advance Computer Architecture & Networking AICTE(MODROB) (Rs 9.00 Lacs) Dr. A.K Tripathi
1998-2000 Design of Intelligent Computing Systems & its Applications AICTE (TAPTEC) (Rs 9.50 Lacs) Dr. R.B Mishra
  Fuzzy Systems UGC ( Rs 0.45 Lacs) Dr. Y.P Singh
  Software Engineering AICTE (MODROBS) (Rs 3.00 Lacs) Dr. Y.P Singh
Mar 99- Mar 01 Neural Network Application To Machine Vision AICTE project  (Rs. 10.00 lacs) Dr. K.K Shukla
July 02 -2005 (3 years) Malaviya Center for Information Technology Localization Dept. of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology  (Rs. 1Crore) Dr. K.K Shukla
2001-03 Selection of Geo Friendly Instruments and its Analysis All India Council for Technical Education, India (Rs. 9.00 Lacs) Dr. S.K. Singh
2007-10 Fusion in Fingerprint Biometrics University Grant Commission (Rs. 8.43 Lacs) Dr. S.K. Singh



April’2010- July’2014 Design and Development of interactive E-content for the subject Digital Image Processing and Machine Vision MHRD, New Delhi (Rs. 06.50 Lacs) Dr. Rajeev Srivastava
April’2010- July’2014 E-content for Video Processing MHRD, New Delhi (Rs. 09.50 Lacs) Dr. S.K. Singh
April’2010- July’2014 E-content for High Performance Computing MHRD, New Delhi (Rs. 04.75 Lacs) Dr. R.S.Singh