Specialization :Biophysics and Nanotechnology

  • Group is working to elucidate the interaction between 2D, 1D, OD materials with biomolecules and tune them to develop inexpensive technology for today’s human need.
  • Current activities involve monitoring Collagen Fibrillogenesis using Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy, Dissecting Electrostatic Contributions to Folding and Self-Assembly.

Major Achivements:

A national society “Society of Interdisciplinary Research in Materials and Biology” originated from the Biophysics and Nanotechnology group which actively works in collaboration with other IITs and other premier institutes to promote research for the welfare of the society.

Recent Publications:

  • “Monitoring Collagen Fibrillogenesis Using Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy: A New Use for an Old Technique" Biophysical Journal, (2016) 111 (11), 2377-2386
  • “Dissecting Electrostatic Contributions to Folding and Self-Assembly Using Designed Multicomponent Peptide Systems”, Journal of American Chemical Society (2016), 138, 4362–4367