Ph. D. Course Work Odd and Even Semester 2017-18


Odd Semester Courses:

Core Course:
1. PHY502: Advanced Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics.
2. PHY503: Advanced Experimental Physics.
Elective Course:
1. PHY522: Tribiophysics of Composite Materials.
2. PHY541: Nanotechnology for Health, Energy and Environment.
3. PHY561: Principle of Remote Sensing.
4. AP-5101: Physics of Atmospheric Sciences
5. AP-5102: Fiber and Integrated Optics
6. AP-5104: Optoelectronics and Photonics
7. AP-5105: Fluids and Plasma
Even Semester Courses:
Core Course:
1. PHY504: Advanced Mathematical and Computational Physics.
2. PHY505: Advanced Quantum and Statistical Physics.
Elective Course:
1. PHY513: Astrophysics of the Sun and Galaxies
2. PHY523: Quantum Phase Transition
3. PHY524: Advanced Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science