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Prof. Rajendra Prasad
Department of Physics Engineering,IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Radar polarimetry and Polarimetric scattering inversion algorithm using various satellite data. Hybrid machine learning algorithms with improved parametrization schemes for biophysical parameters and soil moisture retrieval using radiative transfer models, scatterometer and SAR polarimetry.


Educational qualifications

     Higher Secondary (1985), Intermediate (1987), BSc (1990), MSc (1992):   All First Class.
   Ph.D (1998): Some Crop Signature Studies by Microwave Remote Sensing.


Positions Held

  Professor in Physics, IIT(BHU), Varanasi (September 2015 onwards).
  Associate Professor in Physics, IIT(BHU), Varanasi (June 2011–September 2015).
  Reader in Applied Physics, I.T. BHU, Varanasi (June 2008-June 2011).
  Senior Lecturer in Applied Physics, I.T. BHU, Varanasi (Oct. 2005-June 2008).
  Lecturer in Applied Physics, I.T. BHU, Varanasi (Oct. 2004-Oct., 2005).
  Senior Lecturer in Physics, I.E.T., Lucknow (June 2003-Oct, 2004).
  Lecturer in Physics, I.E.T., Lucknow (June 1999-June, 2003).


                                                                   Satellite-Based Research Work



Our primary research aims at the development of methodologies in relation to higher-order scattering models and applications with Remote sensing Earth observation sensors (EOS) with a specific focus on optical satellite and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) polarimetry and interferometry technologies.
We are simulating our developed scattering models with the help of advanced programming language (Python, Matlab, R) and simulation packages provided by NASA and ESA. 
The major research focuses on using (1) Radar polarimetry theory (2) Polarimetric scattering theory (3) Multi-frequency SAR remote sensing (4) Multi-temporal time series analysis and (5) Polarimetric scattering inversion algorithms. The various applications of the above remotely sensed images and wave theory employed for agricultural crop monitoring, SAR polarimetry for crop inventory mapping, bio-geo physical parameter retrieval over multi-test site experiments, Land surface temperature, and robust methods can be used for global analysis using EO data. Other major research areas are shown below:

  • Development of higher-order scattering matrices, coherency, covariance matrices of H and V polarized electromagnetic wave.
  • Coherent and Incoherent decompositions of scattering matrics on a different basis vector. eg. Pauli Decomposition, Freeman Decomposition, Yamaguchi Decomposition
  • Soil moisture retrieval algorithms and spatial disaggregation using radar and radiometer data.
  • Land use/land cover, landscape dynamics, and land surface temperature based on machine learning techniques using multi-sensor onboard satellite dataset.
  • Development/Modification of algorithms for estimating more accurate SM and vegetation products using radar and radiometer observations and vegetation growth variables over selected forest regions.
  • Validation and performance evaluation of the algorithms on different forest sites of India.
  • Study of urban heat island (UHI)  and land surface temperature (LST) variation over urban landscapes.

 Bistatic Scatterometer Measurement Techniques

  • Optimization of an indigenously developed ground-based bistatic specular (bi-spec) scatterometer in terms of frequency, polarization and incidence angle for monitoring crop growth variable and bare soil properties.
  • To develop the physical and semi-empirical model with the help of parametrization of scattering distribution function which helps us to understand the insight of microwave scattering through vegetation and soil surface.
  • Scattering models are developed using various computational techniques such as artificial neural networks (ANN), least square regression, etc.
  • A semi-empirical approach to find extinction coefficient and phase function to reduce the complexity of the model.
  • Validation and testing of developed radiative transfer model using ground-based scattering measurement.
  • Inversion of biophysical parameters of vegetation and soil moisture with the help of a developed model.
  • To develop a set of data as a reference for future advancement in bistatic radar systems and field studies.

                                       Courses                                                               Labs

1.Electromagnetism and Optics
2. Classical and Quantum mechanism
3. Thermal Physics
4. Elements of Microwave Remote Sensing
5. Microwave Remote Sensing
6. Principle of Remote Sensing
7. Preparatory course: Electricity & Magnetism
8. Principle of Remote Sensing (Ph.D Course Work)
 9. Microwave Remote Sensing (Ph.D Course Work)
1. Physics Lab: Undergraduate Mechanics Lab
2. Physics Lab: Undergraduate Optics Lab
3. Physics Lab: General Electronics Lab
4. Physics Lab: Microwave Remote Sensing and image processing Lab

                                                                  Remote Sensing Group

                                                            Research Scholar
Ms. Jyoti Sharma (M.Sc. Physics: Bareilly CollegeB.ScGandhi Faiz-E-Aam Degree College, Shahjahanpur, GATE, UGC-JRF Qualified)
 Enrolment Year: July 2017 
 Roll No:   17171016
 Mobile No.-  7054219577
 Research Area: Microwave Remote Sensing (Soil Parametrization and Biophysical Parameters Retrieval)
 Mr. Suraj A. Yadav (M.Sc. PhysicsB.Sc : Bhavans College, Mumbai, GATE, UGC-JRF Qualified)
 Enrolment Year: July 2017 
 Roll No:   17171010
 Mobile No.- 7021000690
 Research Area: Bistatic Scatterometer Measurement for vegetation Monitoring
Ms. Bhagyashree Verma (M.Sc. Physics: IIT Delhi B.Sc : S.M.M. Town College, Ballia, GATE Qualified)
 Enrolment Year: December 2017 
 Roll No:   17171502
 Mobile No.- 9919587896
 Research Area: Hyperspectral Remote Sensing (Biophysical/Biochemical parameters retrieval)

Mr. Shubham Kumar Singh (Integrated MS: IISER Bhopal, DST-Inspire Fellow, GATE Qualified)
 Enrolment Year: July 2018
 Roll No:   18171011
 Mobile No.- 9981237353
 Research Area: Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing

 Ms. Sumana Khamrai (M.Sc. Physics, B.Sc: Vidyasagar University, West Bengal, M.Tech Physics.: IIT Roorkee, GATE Qualified)
 Enrolment Year: July 2021
 Roll No:   21171014
 Mobile No.- --
 Research Area: Microwave Remote Sensing

 Mr. Bharat (, GATE, CSIR-JRF Qualified)
 Enrolment Year: July 2021
 Roll No:   
 Mobile No.- 
 Research Area:  Microwave Remote Sensing

                                                                                        M.Tech Students
1. Mr. Anurag Singh
2.  Mr. Mangukiya Romit Kumar Nareshbhai
3. Mr. Hardeep Singh Sohee
4. Mr. Achint Gupta
5. Mr. Aditya Kumar Choudhary
6. Mr. Manoj Kumar Dayyala
7. Mr. Anshuman Johari
8. Mr. Rakesh Verma
9 Mr. J.S.H. Aditya Kiran 
10.Mr. Sala Siva Chaitanya
11. Acharya Piyush Rajiv
12. Mr. Narendra Pawan Kumar
13. Mr. Sakar Satya
14. Vivek Kumar
15. Mr. Mani Shankar Meena

MSc Students
1. Mr. Sachin Verma
2. Mr. Deepak Kumar
3. Mr. Prateek Nautiyal
Former Ph.D. Scholars
1. Dr. Abhishek Pandey
2. Dr. Dileep Kumar Gupta (Research Associate in an ISRO project)
3. Dr. Pradeep Kumar (National PDF)
4. Dr. Varun Narayan Mishra (Assistant Professor)
5. Dr. Ajeet Kumar Vishwakarma (DRDO Project)
6. Dr. Vijay Pratap Yadav (Assistant Professor, Govt. P.G. college, Obra U.P.)

7. Dr. Ruchi Bala (Post Doctoral fellow, IISc. Bangalore, Karnataka )



Instruments  Satellite Data Processing Tools
  • Developed C-, L- and X- Bands Monostatic and Bistatic radar scatterometer Systems for studying microwave scattering mechanism with different targets under fully polarimetric modes (HH, VV, VH and HV modes)
  • Microwave Analog Signal Generator PSG
  • Microwave power sensor 
  • Chlorophyll content meter
  • Leaf area index meter
  • Surface roughness profiler
  • Satellite image processing software (ENVI-SARscape for visible, infrared and microwave satellite images) for classification of crops and the estimation of their biophysical parameters.
  • High configured computer
  • Weighing balance
  • Oven
  • Online UPS, etc.
  • Hyperspectral Radiometer (In collaboration with BHU)
  • MATLAB, Python (Powerful general purpose programming languages)
  • Origin (computer program for interactive scientific graphing and data analysis)
  • ERDAS Imagine (leading geospatial data authoring system)
  • ENVI (ENVI handles hyperspectral, LiDAR, and other remotely sensed data)
  • SNAP (SNAP architecture is ideal for Earth Observation processing and analysis)
  • SARscape (a modular set of functions for the processing of all spaceborne and selected airborne SAR data.)
  •  ArcGIS (a geographic information system for working with maps and geographic information)
  • QGIS (cross-platform desktop geographic information system application that supports viewing, editing, and analysis of geospatial data)
  • PolSARpro (The Polarimetric SAR Data Processing and Educational Tool devoloped by European Space Agency)

Recent Publication


  1. Jyoti Sharma, Rajendra Prasad, Prashant K. Srivastava, Shubham Kumar Singh, Suraj Amarbahadur Yadav, Vijay Pratap Yadav (2021), Roughness characterization and disaggregation of coarse resolution SMAP soil moisture using single-channel algorithm, International Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 15(1), 1-14. 
  2. Vijay Pratap Yadav, Rajendra Prasad, Ruchi Bala & Prashant K. Srivastava (2021). ‘Assessment of red-edge vegetation descriptors in a modified water cloud model for forward modelling using Sentinel – 1A and Sentinel – 2 satellite data.’ International Journal of Remote Sensing, 42:3, 794-804.
  3. Bala, Ruchi, Rajendra Prasad, and Vijay Pratap Yadav (2021), Quantification of urban heat intensity with land use/land cover changes using Landsat satellite data over urban landscapes” Theoretical and Applied Climatology. Vol. 145, 1-12.
  4. Dileep Kumar Gupta, Prashant K. Srivastava, Ankita Singh, George P. Petropoulos, Nikolaos Stathopoulos and Rajendra Prasad (2021), SMAP Soil Moisture Product Assessment over Wales, U.K., Using Observations from the WSMN Ground Monitoring Network, International Journal of Sustainability, 13, 1-18.
  5. VP Yadav, R Prasad, R Bala, PK Srivastava, VSK Vanama, (2021), Appraisal of Dual Polarimetric Radar Vegetation Index in First Order Microwave Scattering Algorithm using Sentinel – 1A (C - band) and ALOS - 2 (L - band) SAR Data, Geocarto International, DOI: 10.1080/10106049.2021.1933209, 1-18.
  6. Prashant K. Srivastava, Manika Gupta, Ujjwal Singh, Rajendra Prasad, Prem Chandra Pandey, A. S. Raghubanshi, George P. Petropoulos (2021), Sensitivity analysis of artificial neural network for chlorophyll prediction using hyperspectral data, Environment, Development and Sustainability, 23, 5504-5519.
  7. Vijay Pratap Yadav, R. Prasad, R. Bala, Prashant K. Srivastava (2020), Synergy of Vegetation and Soil Microwave Scattering Model for Leaf Area Index Retrieval Using C-Band Sentinel-1A Satellite Data,  IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 36, 791- 802.
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  • A mini project on the topic “Crop signature study and soil moisture estimation through remote sensing.
  • A major project on the topic “Crop signature study by microwave remote sensing with soft computing techniques”. Sanctioned by IIT(BHU), SGF Grant, 2014.
  • Minor Project on the topic “Land use land cover change detection and urban sprawl mapping of Varanasi district using satellite images by remote sensing techniques”. Sanctioned by IIT(BHU), Extended Summer Project, 2015.
  • Major project submitted in 2019 to DST-SERB: "Development of Algorithms for Retrieval of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Growth Variables using Multiple Orbiting Multi-Sensor Satellites".
We are doing collaborative work with Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad on
1.Synthesis of algorithm from multiple orbiting satellites toward operational high resolution soil moisture estimation- HighRes-SM. Sanctioned by SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad , (Under Respond Programme) (Amount Sanctioned – Rs.27.11 lakhs), 2017.
2. Retrieval of soil moisture and vegetation parameters from LS band system. Sanctioned by NASA-ISRO SAR Mission, SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad (Amount Sanctioned – Rs. 27.26 lakhs), 2017
  • Development of various algorithms for multiple satellites working in a different frequency range and different polarimetric modes for the estimation of the soil moisture and vegetation product.
  • The estimation of SM is a broad area of research interest because of the launching of the new satellites (SMOS and SMAP) and the upcoming NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission. 
  • Hyperspectral radiometry and multi-spectral cameras onboard Unmanned Airborne Vehicle are about to start very soon for mapping and monitoring of forest and agricultural resources in collaboration with BHU. To develop and test the models over forest ranges of Himalaya in collaboration with partners in India for effective soil moisture retrieval and vegetation products. 
  • The chosen sites are rich in biodiversity and have many rare and economically important plant species.