Chemical Engineering - Research Grants/ Projects

Project Title
Sponsoring Agency
Principal Investigator (PI)
2016 - 2019
Fabrication of Low-cost High-throughput Flow Cytometer using Tunable Nanolenses
SERB Early career Grant (Rs. 52 lacs)
Dr. Ankur Verma
Development and Evaluation of IR NP for cellular wide sensitive E field mapping
DST Nano Mission (Rs. 50 lacs)
Dr. Manoj Kumar
Development and evaluation of poly herbal bi-layer wound dressing materials
DRDO (Rs. 35.00 lacs)
Prof. P.K. Mishra
2007 – continue
Aerosol and Black Carbon Monitoring in Indo-Gangatic Plane
VSSC, ISRO (Rs. 42.00 lacs)
Prof. R.S. Singh
Design of High Temperature Facility for Graphite Dust Transport
BNRS, BARC, India (Rs. 55.00 lacs)
Prof. R.S. Singh
NOx Removal from Diesel Exhaust by Combined NOx Storage Reduction and NH3 SCR System
DST (under Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme) (Rs. 30 lacs)
Dr. Sweta
Pyrolysis of Biomass for the Production of Bio-oil: Experimental and Computational Study
SERB, Govt. Of India (Rs. 23.50 lacs)
Dr. J.P. Chakraborty
Characterization and anaerobic digestion of putrescible fractions in municipal solid waste
DST (Rs. 18.90 lacs)
Prof. M.K. Mondal
Removal of SO2 and NOx from coal-fired thermal power plant stack gases
MoEF (Rs. 25.73 lacs)
Prof. M.K. Mondal
Municipal solid waste treatment and utilization
IIT BHU (Rs. 20.00 lacs)
Prof. M.K. Mondal
Thermochemical conversion of waste biomass and its utilization
IIT BHU (Rs. 15.00 lacs)
Prof. M.K. Mondal
Chemical Analysis of Water for Chitrangi Thermal Power Project Limited
Reliance Energy (Rs. 4.46 lacs)
Prof. M.K. Mondal
Studies on Biofuel Cell
Energy Centre, IIT BHU (Rs. 4.00 lacs)
Prof. R.S. Singh
Design and Innovation Hub
IIT BHU (Rs. 3.00 lacs)
Prof. R.S. Singh
Development of Hybrid System for Decolorization of Dye Containing Waste Water
IIT BHU (Rs. 8.00 lacs)
Prof. R.S. Singh