Specialization :   Waste minimization and utilization

Rapid increase in the industrialization and urbanization has led to increase in waste materials and pollution. Biomass waste is one of the most important waste streams, therefore its conversion to useful biofuels can significantly reduce the burden on environment.
There are many groups in the department working on problems ranging from efficient conversion of biomass to effective treatment of industrial wastes to make it harmless.

Major Achievements:

  • Estimation of pollution load on river Ganga and its tributaries through Grossly Polluting Industries, CPCB, GOI, New Delhi.
  • NOx Removal from Diesel Exhaust by Combined NOx Storage Reduction and NH3 SCR System, DST Fast Track, Dr. Sweta
  • Pyrolysis of Biomass for the Production of Bio-oil: Experimental and Computational Study, DST Fast Track, Dr. J.P. Chakraborty. 
  • Characterization and anaerobic digestion of putrescible fractions in municipal solid waste, DST, Prof. M.K. Mondal.
  • Removal of SO2 and NOx from coal-fired thermal power plant stack gases, MoEF, Prof. M.K. Mondal
  • Aerosol and Black Carbon Monitoring in Indo-Gangatic Plane, VSSC, ISRO, Prof. R.S. Singh

Recent Publications:

  • Sachin R Geed, B S Rhrirame, and R S Singh, B N Rai, Assessment of pesticide removal using two stage integrated aerobic treatment plant (IATP) by bacillus species isolated from agricultural field, Bioresource Technology,  Vol 242, 45-54(2017)8. Biofiltration of xylene using wood charcoal as the biofilter media under transient and high loading conditions, Bioresource Technology, Vol 242, 351-358(2017)
  • M.K. Kureel, S.R. Geed, B.S. Giri, B N Rai and R S Singh, Biodegradation of kinetic study of benzene in bioreactor packed with PUF and alginate beads and immobilized with Bacillus sp. M3, Bioresource Technology, Vol 242, 92-100(2017).
  • S R Geed, M K Kureel, B S Giri, R S Singh. and B N Rai, Performance evaluation of Malathion biodegradation in batch and continuous packed bed bioreactor (PBBR), Bioresource Technology, Vol. 227, 56-65 (2017).
  • K Vikrant, KH Kim, YS Ok, DCW Tsang, YF Tsang, BS Giri, RS Singh, Engineered/designer biochar for the removal of phosphate in water and wastewater, Science of the Total Environment 616, 1242-1260, 2018
  • ​K Vikrant, BS Giri, N Raza, K Roy, KH Kim, BN Rai, RS Singh, Recent advancements in bioremediation of dye: Current status and challenges, Bioresource Technology, 2018 (Accepted).