Details of Lecture/Webinar/Workshops

 S.No.              Convener                              Speaker Name         Date of Event                          Title of Talk
1.        Dr. Sanjukta Ghosh    Professor Elisabetta Jezek, University of Pavia,   Italy          2-Nov-21 Qualia Structure in Generative Lexicon
2.      Dr. Kavya Krishna K.R.              Prof. Aysha Iqbal Viswamohan          10-Nov-21 A Few Good Men: Directors who changed the   face of Bollywood (2005-2015)
3.       Dr. Amrita Dwivedi                 Prof. Joy Sen, IIT Kharagpur           11-Dec-21 “Past and Future of Indian Knowledge Systems - lessons for the new"
4.         Dr. Sukhada                 Dr. Soma Paul, IIIT-Hyderabad           13-Dec-21 Applied Grammar: Overcoming Language Barrier in Indian Context
5.       Dr. Vishwanath Dhital                       Dr. Vishwanath Dhital    6-10 December 2022 Five Day online Sanskrit Sambhashan Workshop
6.         Dr. Nirmalya Guha                       Prof. Diwakar Acharya            9-Apr-22 The Rise and Fall of the Great (mahat) in Classical Indian Cosmogony and Metaphysics
7.      Dr. Kavya Krishna K.R.                         Prof. Ajanta Sircar            6-Jun-22 What Does a Woman Want?Psychoanalysis and the Postcolonial Context


                                                                                         Foreign Faculty Visits in the Department/School/School

S.No.                    Name of Faculty Member                             Purpose of Visit                       Date and Venue
1. Prof Lawrence Cohen, University of California Berkeley                    Talk and Interaction Session   27th August, 2019, Department Committee Room
2. Prof. Bipin Indurkhya, Jagiellonian University, and AGH   University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland                               Special Talk                      18 Oct. 2019, ABLT-4
3. Dr. Susan Visvanathan, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi                    Talk and Interaction Session        3 Jan 2020, Department Committee Room
4. Prof. Sharda S. Nandram, Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands                    Talk and Interaction Session        16 Jan 2020, Department Committee Room
5. Hans Joachim Kiederlen, former Deputy Ambassador from Germany to India                                Seminar                           6th March, 2020

                                                                                             Distinguished visits in the Department/School from India

S.No.             Name of Faculty Member                                                 Purpose of Visit                         Date and Venue
1.                Dr. Geetanjali Shree                   Talks and Interaction Session on "Gender and Culture"   02-06 April 2018, Seminar Room, Dept of EE
2.                 Dr. Sudhir Chandra                                  Talks and Interaction Session on
               "Humanities and Social Sciences:  Crisis  and Opportunities"
                 "Mahatma and Mamana: Two model Hindus of our times"
 02-06 April 2018, Conference Room Dept of EE
3.                 Dr. Udayan Vajpayi                 Talks and interactions sessions on Art Aesthetics and Ethic                        08-11 May 2018