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Dr. Manas Ranjan Majhi
Associate Professor
Department Of ceramic Engineering IITBHU
Area of Interest: 
Refractory Technology, Bio Ceramics, Composite Material ,Porous Material & Industrial Ceramics

Technical Educations Disciplne Institutions
B.Tech. Ceramic Engineering NIT-Rourkela (2001)
M.Tech. Ceramic Engineering IIT(BHU)
Ph.D Ceramic Engineering IIT(BHU)
Ph.D Students

Kumar Saurav (PhD Awarded 2017 )


N.S.Mehta (PhD Awarded 2018)

Sandeep Kumar (Ph.D Awarded 2019)
Dhiraj Kumar (Thesis submitted Dec.2021)
Nayan Kuumar Devnath,Thesis submitted Feb.2022

Neeraj Pandey -Ph.D Awarded 10th April 2022


Abhishek Ku. Singh(Ph.D. Registration-2017)

Vaibhav  Singh(PhD, Registration -2017)


Ashotush Gupta(PhD,Registration -2018)


Manish Kumar(Ph.D Registration -2019)

Ashutosh Gupta  , Vaibhav Pandey  , Mayank Kumar Yadav , Kalyani Mohanta  and  Manas Ranjan Majhi "A comparative study on physio-mechanical properties of silica compacts fabricated using rice husk ash derived amorphous and crystalline silica" Ceramics International,11 ,July (2022)

N.K.Debnath,S,Boga,A.Singh,M.R.Mahi &V.K.Singh"Fabrication of low to high duty fireclay refractory brick from ignite fly ash,Ceramic International. 12,1 (2022)

N.K.Debnath,V Achariya,S.Jangu,P.Singh,M.R.Majhi&V.K.Singh "characterizations of fly as solod waste for low cost insulation refractory bricks, Materials Today:Proceeding,47,1598-1600(2021)

Dhiraj Kumar,A.Mishra,M.Prasad Ram Pyare &M.R.Majhi"Performance Analysis of deep bed drying of conola seed using numerical tecniques ,94(2021)

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Niraj Singh Mehta, Praveen Kumar Sahu, Md Ershad, Vipul Saxena, Ram Pyare and Manas R Majhi,Effect of ZrO2 on the sintering behavior, strength and high- frequency dielectric properties of electrical ceramicporcelain insulatorMater. Res. Express,5,1-11(2018)

Niraj Singh Mehta , J . C Pandey,Neeraj Pandey , Ram Pyare  and Manas Ranjan MajhiDeveloping a high strength physico- mechanical and electrical properties of ceramic porcelain insulator usingzirconia as an additiveMaterials Research Express5,1-12(2018)

L.Mathur, SKS Hossin,,M.R.Majhi and PK Roy,Synthesis of nano crystalline foresterite (MgSiO4) powder from bio-mass rich husk silica by solidstate routeJournal of the Spanish Ceramic and Glass Society,57 ,112-118(2018)

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R. K. Chaturvedi,.Ram Pyare andM.R.Majhi,Role of low solubility glasses as a source of plant nutrients-A review paper based on ‘ an effort to protect fertility of land(soil) against chemical fertilizer
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1.Mr.Kumar Saurav,Preparation and characterization of zirconia spinel composite ,Supervisor(2013)

2.Mr.Niraj Singh Mehta,Synthesis and characterization of forsterite with kaolin as an additive, Supervisor(2013)

3.Ms. Ritu Mukherjee,Effect on doping on corrosion behavior of MgO based refractory,Supervisor(2014)

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5.Mr. Praveen Kumar , Tribological behavior of metal-ceramic composites,Supervisor(2014)

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8.Mr.Gourav Jawale, Synthesis and characterization of zirconia doped electrical porcelain insulator Supervisor(2016)

9.Mr.Niraj Kumar,Synthesis and characterization of Al2O3-SiO2-MgO composite material,Supervisor(2016)

10.Mr.Rajesh Suthar2016Enhancement of the insulation properties of fireclay brick using coconut shellSupervisor

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12.Mr.Abhishek Kumar Singh,Enhancement of insulating properties of fireclay bricks by using silica, Supervisor(2017)

13.Mr.Vibhav Singh ,Synthesis and characterization of porcelain material and enhancing its physical and mechanical properties by using ZnO as a substitute for quartz Supervisor(2017)

14.Mr.Virendra Kumar Jarwal ,Synthesis and characterizations of spinel doped with titania and silica,Supervisor(2017)

15 Mr.Silendra Kumar Singh,Developed properties of Fly ash Refractory brick, Supervisor(2018)

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17.Mr.Kalpana Barkin ,Synthesis and Characterization of Al-Al18B4O33 (ABOw)Composite by Powder Metallurgy,Supervisor(2019)

18.Mr.Akash AgrawaL,Synthesis and Characterization of Alumina –Borate Coated Refractory Castables,Supervisor(2019)

19.Mr. Aman Pal, To study the effect of addition of nano-ni particles as catalyst on microstructure & properties of mgo-c refractory,Supervisor(2020)

20.Mr.Utkarsh Saxena, Application of stainless steel as an alternative aluminum and carbon fiber composites for deep space missions ,Supervisor(2020)

21.Mr. Harikeswar Pandey ,Development of low cost glaze using waste materials ,Supervisor(2020)

22.Mr.Sourabh Yadav, Utilization of Marble Dust in Fire Clay Refractory Bricks, Supervisor(2020)

23.Mr.Aditya Rana ,Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior ofABOw Reinforced aluminum Matrix Composite Synthesized by Powder Metallurgy ,Supervisor(2020)

24.Durgesh  Rai , Preparation and characterizations of alumina-zirconia-silica(AZS)refractories for application in glass industries”Supervisor(2021)

25.Aman Ku Verma , Synthesis and Characterization of Fe-Si/SiC Metal Matrix Composites by Powder Metallurgy Supervisor(2021)

26.Shubham Marandi  , Synthesis  and Characterization of Fe-Si/TiC metal matrix composites by powder metallurgy,Supervisor(2021)  

27.  Ujjawal Kumar, Development of novel high alumina refractory doped with zirconia nano particles for non-ferrous industries (2022)

28.     Priyank Srivastava,Development of novel  silica refractories doped with alumina nano particles for ferrous industries(2022)

29. Durgesh Patel,   Development of high strength ceramic materials using egg shell and rice husk(2022)

30. Abhay Agarwal , Development of alumina refractories for blast furnace shaft application (2022)



1.Kumar Saurav ,Preparation and characterization of high strength porous spinel and ZrO2-spinel by potato starch, Supervisor, Awarded  Ph.D  (2017)
2.Niraj Singh Mehta ,To develop high physico-mechanical and dielectric (in microwave frequency) properties of ceramic porcelain insulators, Supervisor ,Awarded  Ph.D  (2018)
 3.Sandeep Ku. Yadav ,In-vitro bio-activity and physical-mechanical properties of substituted 1393 bioactive glasses, Co-supervisor,Awarded  Ph.D  (2019)

 4.Nayan Devnath ,Optimization and Characterizations of alumino-silicate refractories based on lignite fly ash  ,Co-supervisor, Thesis submitted on 28-2-2022
5.Neeraj Pandey ,Synthesis, characterization and Mechanical  properties  of Coated and Uncoated ABOw Reinforced in Aluminum Matrix Composites  , Supervisor , Awarded  Ph.D on 10th April 2022

6.Dhiraj Kumar,Drying of particulate materials and ceramic materials,Coordinator, thesis submitted on dec. 2021
7. Abhishek Kumar Singh,Fabrication and Characterization of Fe-Cr Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Ceramic Materials , Supervisor , Registration year 2017

8.Vibhav singh, Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Borate whisker at different sintering temperature ,Supervisor,Registration year 2017
9. Ashutosh Gupta.,Development and Characterization of Al based MMC Reinforced with Silica Processed using Rice Husk Ash,Supervisor,Registration year jan. 2018

10.Manish Kumar,micro structural, tribological and mechanical behavior of copper matrix reinforcement with graphite-B4C hybrid composites,Co-Supervisor,Registration year Jan.2019

1.A Method for Preparing Tiles and composition Thereof ,Sk S. Hossain, Lakshya Mathur, Preetam Singh& Manas Ranjan Majhi,201631039979(23.11.16) Patent wire Consultants Pvt. Ltd. | Patent & Technology Consultants/India,Under Review

2.A Composition for Bricks From Waste Materials and Method of Manufacturing the sameSk S. Hossain, Lakshya Mathur, &Manas Ranjan Majhi201631030744(08/09/2016)Patent wire Consultants Pvt. Ltd. | Patent & Technology Consultants/India,Awarded(29.8.19)

3.A Biomass Composition for Thermal Insulation and Method ofManufacturing the sameSk S.Hossain, Aman Bhardwaj& Manas Ranjan Majhi201611024361 (7.7.17)Patent wire Consultants Pvt. Ltd. | Patent & Technology Consultants/ India ,Under Review

Sponsoring Organisation                             Title of Project PI /Co-PI
National Project Implementation Unit, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India Development  of high dielectric constant and low loss tangent film CCTO capacitor by spin coating Completed  on sept.2020
AICTE (RPS) Studies on preparation and Characterization of  bio-glass Completed


Research Project
Preparation and Characterization of  Fe2O3 doped  bio-glass ceramics Completed


(Research Grant)
Characterization of  CaF2 doped  bio-glass ceramics Completed


IIT(BHU)-SGF scheme To Develop Fabrication & Characterization Techniques for Bio-Ceramics, Polymer Matrix Composites and High Temperature Cement Castable  Refractories


R&D support grant
Preparation and applications of AZS refractories Completed

1.Warden of Vivekananda Hostel, Sept.2013 to Oct.2018, IIT(BHU)
2.Convener of Senate Library Committee,Oct.2012-Mar.2014, IIT (BHU)
3.In-Charge of Refractory Lab., July2012-Till date, Dept. of Ceramic Engg,IIT (BHU)

4.Convener of  DUGC  , Sept.2014- Aug. 2015 ,Dept. of Ceramic Engg.,IIT (BHU)

5.Convener of  DPGC  ,Sept.2018- Aug. 2019 ,Dept. of Ceramic Engg.,IIT (BHU)

6.Convenor of DPGC ,Sept.2021 -Aug.2022.Dept. of Ceramic Engg,IIT(BHU)

1.Assistant Professor from 30-10-2007 to 10-12-20015 ,Ceramic Engineering ,IIT(BHU)

2.Associate Professor from 11-12-2015 to till date, Ceramic Engineering ,IIT(BHU)