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Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Lenka
Visiting Faculty
Department of Humanistic Studies IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Morphosyntax, Language & Communication, Academic Writing & Speaking

Banaras Hindu University (2011)
M.A in Linguistics (University Topper and Gold Medalist)
Banaras Hindu University (2004)
M.A in Literature and Literary Theory(Odia)
Viswa Bharati, Santiniketan-2001

Morphosyntax of Relative and Correlative Construction
Journal of the Oriental Institute, M.S. University , Baroda

Role of Linguistic knowledge in professional Communication,
S K.Lenka
Journal of Hyperculture, Biannual journal of the department of Letters and foreign language. Hyperian University, Bucharest-ISSN-2285-2115.Vol-8,17-5 2015,Page-1-13

Derivation of Gerundive Clause in Odia
 D.P.Pattanayak and S.K.Lenka
International Journal of Dravidian   Linguistics: Vol xxxviii, 2009, Page-71-93
The structure of Participle of Odia
S.k. Lenka,
Apurba, Research Journal of Arts Faculty, Banaras Hindu University Valume-14, 2009, page-218-234
Causative Construction in morphological analyser of Odia
R.C.Balabantary and S.k Lenka,
Biswaharati ,TDIL issue- January, June

An Automatic Approximate matching Technique based on phonetic coding  for Odia quarry,
R.C Balabantaray, S.K.Lenka, B. Shoo, M swain,D. Sahoo
International Journal of Computational Sciences, Volume,9, issue-3, May-2012.Page-439-444

Computational Module of Reduplication of Odia,
 R.C. Balabantary and S.K.Lenka
International Journal of computational linguistics and natural language processing,vol-1, issue-2, February-2013
Computational module of Noun phrase,
 R.C. Balabantary and S.K.L enka
International journal of computational linguistics and natural languages,vol-1,issue-1, Aug-2012,page-12-19
Name entity Recognizer for Odia Using Conditional Random Fields,
R.C. Balbntary, S.K.Lenka and D. Sahoo
Indian Journal of science and technology,vol.69 April-2013,pge-4290-4293
 Presentation in Conference/Workshop

Structure,Rule and Meaning
Sanjaya Kumar Lenka
42 International Conference of  Linguistic Society Of India, December10-12, 2020(GLA University-Mathura)
Conditional construction; Its meaning and  function
K.Shoo and  S. K. Lenka
42 International Conference of  Linguistic Society Of India, December10-12, 2020 (GLA University-Mathura)

The syntax of Relativization
S K Lenka  and K Sahoo
Indian social science congress of Indian Social Science Academy, Samrat Ashok Technical Institute , Vidisha
15-18 March 2021

Multiple Complementations of Phonemes in Odia
All India International Conference of Linguistics, 2006, Banaras Hindu University
The Syntax of Conjunctive Participle,
South Asian Languages Analysis RoundTable 29, Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysure ,2011
Case study of Homophones in Odia Morphological Analyser
S.K.Lenka and R.C.Balabantary
34th All India Conference of Linguists, 2012 Shillong,
The Impact of Information technology on Media: reference to Indian newspaper,
XXXVI Social science congress, Bhubaneswar, 2012
Nonfinite constructio :a complex Tense Property
S.K.Lenka, B. Patra
9thInternational Congress on English Grammar at VIT University, 2013, Vellor
A module of Rethinking of Open Testing Method of language Skill
National Conference on Localization of Teaching and Testing in Indian language.5-7 November-2015, Varanasi
Noun modifier expression in Odia and Hindi,
International workshop on Noun Modifying Expression in South Asian languages,21-22, December-2015, Pune
Syntax of Parasitic gap Construction,
3rd National Conference of Language at Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar,24-28 April-2016
Syntax of conditional construction,
S .K.Lenka
National Seminal of Language at Utkal University of Culture, Bhubneswar, 2017
Semantics of Use of Language,
National Seminar of Language at Berhampur University, Odisha, 2017
 Presentation in workshop
The Application of lexical and post lexical module of Odia,
Winter School of Phonology at Central Institute of Indian language, Mysore, February-2006
The creative Aspect of Language Use in the Situation of Language Contact,
Workshop on Language Contact and Convergence at CIIL, Mysure

Language and Communication

Language and Linguistics

Basic English

Professional Communication

Preparatory English

Universal Human Values-I, II


Agraduta book Award for Literature, 2001
Gold Medal for standing first in M.A in linguistic 2004
(Banaras Hindu University)

Indian Institute of Technology(BHU)
8-7-2013 to date

IIIT Bhubaneswar
24-5-2011 to 7-7-2013

Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysure