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Prof. Dhanesh Tiwari
Department of Chemistry, IIT-BHU
Area of Interest: 
Isotopic Application in Removal Processes Adsorption / lon Exchange

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  1. S. Mishra, D. Tiwary and A. Ohari, Leachate Characterization and Evaluation of Leachate Pollution Potential of Urban Municipal Landfill Sites, IJEWM, 2018
S.No      Name Year of Completion Title of Thesis Co-guides (if any)
1. Ms. Abhilasha Purvar    2011 Synthesis and characterization of vertically / radially aligned TiO2 nano-wires for energy consideration”.  
2. Mr. Tejasvi Gaurav 2013 “Synthesis and characterization of some mesoporous silica”  
3. Mr. Vinay Chandak 2017 Development of some organo-functionalized mesoporous silica  
1. Mr. Varun Kumar Singh 2009 “Synthesis of some silica based inorganic support materials for removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions”.  
2. Ms. Uma 2009 Removal of dye (methylene blue and malachite green) from aqueous solution by activated carbon developed from bio-waste materials.*
As  Co-guide
3. Mr. Bhasker Singh 2010 Development and characterization of biodiesel from non edible feed stocks (P. Pinnata, M. Indica and S. Triguga)    As  Co-guide
4. Ms. Lata Kumari 2016 Bioremediation of Dye      Effluent of Carpet Industry.
5. Mr. Prakash N. Singh
2016 Studies on adsorption and catalytic properties of starch functionalized iron oxide nano-particles.”
6. Mr. Pardeep Singh 2017 Studies on biodegradation and photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants.  

No. of  Ph.D. and Postdoctoral fellows working at present:

S.No      Name Year of Registration Title of Thesis Co-guides (if any)
1. Ms. Shraddh Awasthi 2013 Biodegradation of waste polyethylene”  
2 Mr. Rakesh Madri 2013 Development of some organo-functionalized mesoporous silica as adsorbent for removal of radionuclides from aqueous waste  
3. Mr. Sachin Mishra 2014 Assessment of groundwater quality using WQI and GIS near the twoMunicipal landfill sites of Varanasi  
4. Ms. Ankita Ojha 2015 Preparation of some complexes with Schiff base chelating groups for removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions.  


Period Sponsoring Organisation Title of Project Amount of Grant (in Lakhs) PI, Co-PI or
2003 - 2006 University Grants Commission Removal of Toxic Metal ions from aqueous wastes by Inorganic Particulates           2.9         PI
Oct 2012 –July 2017 Board of Research and Nuclear Science (BRNS) Development of some Organo-functionalized mesoporous silica adsorbents for removal of radionuclides from aqueous waste 30.25        PI
Period Organisation Nature of Responsibility Designation
July 2000 to Dec. 2001 Department of Applied Chemistry, B.I.T., Mesra, Ranchi Revision of syllabus and course curriculum Member of course curriculum revision committee
Aug. 2006 Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai Contributed to Resource Generation Camp for Indian Science Olympiad in Chemistry Member of Resource Generation Camp
Feb. Feb 2, 2008- Aug. 31 2009 IT, BHU Student Affairs Warden of S. C. De. Hostel
Sept.1,2009 to tilldate IT/IIT, BHU Student Affairs Admin.Warden of S. C. De. Hostel
2007-8, 2008-2009&2010-12      IT,BHU Helped to coordinate/organise Literary Competitions also judged Literary Competitions in students’ festivals. Faculty advisor for Gymkhana Literary activities
Sept.02-09,2010 Depat. of Chemistry Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University,Maharastra Taught nuclear chemistry course of
M. Sc. Final students
Visiting fellow under UGC Scheme
2005- 2012 IT, BHU Helped to conduct the B. Tech.Part-I Examination Assistant of Prof. In-charge Part-I
2006- 2010 & 2012-13 IT/IIT,BHU Helped to coordinate teaching and finalization of grades Course-coordinator, Environmental Studies
2012 to 2016 IIT (BHU) Looking after all aspects of Time-table, teaching , conducting  Examinations and declaration of results of Part- I students Prof. In-charge, UGD/IDD/IMD Part-I
2012-13 IIT (BHU) Helped in finalizing the UG Manual for IIT (BHU) Member of the UG Manual Committee
2012-13 IIT (BHU) Helped in finalizing the Hostel Rules and Regulations for our hostels Member of the Hostel Rules and Regulations Committee
2016 to till date IIT (BHU) Looking after all aspects of Time-table, teaching , conducting  Examinations of institute core course Chairman, Core-course monitoring committee 


AWARDS:  Cash/Merit certificates awarded for best paper presentation at the following symposia:

1.International Symposium on Radiochemistry &Radiation Chemistry, BARC,

                         Mumbai, Paper No. RC-44(Feb. 1991)

2.DAE Symposium on Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry, Andhra

    University, Waltair (Dec.1992)


MEMBERSHIP: 1. Life member, Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists &Allied Scientists

                                 (IANCAS) BARC, Mumbai

                              2.  Life member, Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi

                               3. Life member, Indian Association of Analytical Sciences (Varanasi Chaper)




Name                                       :  DR. DHANESH TIWARY
Date of birth                           : 18 Jan 1963
Present status/Address            :  Professor,
                                            Department of Chemistry, IIT (BHU)
                                        E-mail: dtiwari.apc@itbhu.ac.in; Mobile: +919415992174
Academic Qualifications:
B. Sc. (1984) Physics, Chemistry (Hons.) Maths. from Banaras Hindu University
M. Sc.(1986) Physical and  Nuclear Chemistry from Banaras Hindu University
Ph.D. (1992) Chemistry, from Banaras Hindu University
Thesis Title: “Some studies on adsorption of strontium and barium ions on metal oxide surfaces
                        using radiotracer technique” 
Research Experience:  Doctoral: 4.5 years; Post Doctoral: 7 years; Teaching: 19 years     

AREA OF SPECIALISATION: Development of surface functionalized iron oxide nano particles and organo fictionalized mesoporous silica as adsorbent,  Bioremediation of azo dye bearing effluents, Synthesis & application of graphene based TiO2 nano composite for photoderadation of azo dye and BTEX bearing industrial effluents  
FELLOSHIPS AWARDED: Junior Research Fellow, 3 June1988 to 2 June1990

                                                          University Grants Commission

                                                Senior Research Fellow, 3 June1990 to 2 June1992

                                                          University Grants Commission

                                               Research Associate, 9 Feb.  1993 to 31 Dec.1993

                                                          Department of Environment and Forest              

                                                Research Associate, 1 Jan. 1994 to 31 Aug.1997

                                                         Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

                                                Academic Visitor 13 April 1995 to 30 Nov.1995

                                                          Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences

                                                          University of Essex, Colchester, CO4 3SQ, UK

                                              Senior Research Associate (Pool officer),1Sep.1997 to 12 Aug.1999

                                                         Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Teaching Experience

Duration Organisation Area(s)
Aug. 13,1999-Nov.8, 2004
Department of Applied Chemistry, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi
Environmental Chemistry
Advance Organic Chemistry
Nov., 09, 2004- till date Department of Applied Chemistry /Department of Chemistry, Institute of Technology/IIT(BHU) Varanasi
Physical Chemistry,
Nuclear & Radiation Chemistry,
Environmental Chemistry