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Prof. Kamdeo Mandal
Department of Chemistry, IIT-BHU
0542 - 6702868
Area of Interest: 
Electro -Ceramics, Nano-materials, Materials Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry

1. Dielectric properties of nanocomposite based on bismuth copper titanate, Ankur Khare, Shiv Sunder Yadav, Pooja Gautam, N.K.Mukopadhyay          and K.D.Mandal, J. Aust.Ceram.Soc.54 (2018) 139–147
2. Growth of bio sensor materials by physical vapor transport method N. B. Singh, Ching Hua Su*, Bradley Arnold, Brian M. Cullum, Fow-Sen               ChoaTara Carpenter, K.D.Mandal and Paul Smith, SPIE Proceeding (2018)
3.  Evidence of Enhanced Oxygen Vacancies Defects Inducing Ferromagnetism in Multiferroic CaMn7O12 (CMO) Manganite with Sintering Time           Jaiswar, Shashikala and Mandal Kamdeo, J. Physical Chemistry C, 121 (36) (2017)19586-19601 I.F = 4.5
4. Synthesis of Sphere-Like Nano-crystalline Co3O4 Spinel via a Simple Homogeneous Precipitation Method R. Kant Sharma, P. Gautam, A. Kumar     and K.D.Mandal .  Materials Today: Proceeding 4 (2017) 5667-5671.
5. Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Y2/3Cu3Ti4O12 ceramic Sunita Sharma, M. M. Singh and K.D.Mandal, New J. Chemistry, 41 (2017)     10383-10389 
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7. Dielectric, ferroelectric and magnetic study of iron doped hexagonal Ba4YMn3O11.5−δ (BYMO) and its dependence on temperature as well as          frequency. Shiva Sundar Yadava, Ankur Khare, Pooja Gautam, Atendra Kumar and K.D.Mandal, New J. Chemistry, 41 (2017) 4611 - 4617
8. One Pot Synthesis of Zinc Doped Yttrium Copper Titanate by Semi-wet Route exhibiting Enhanced Dielectric Constant and Suppressed Dielectric     Loss, Sunita Sharma, M. M. Singh and K.D.Mandal, Materials Chemistry Frontiers , 1 (2017) 1165 – 1178.
9. Dielectric and ferroelectric study of La5Ti4O15 synthesized by semi-wet route, Shiv Sunder Yadav, Ankur Khae, Pooja Goutam and K.D.                   Mandal,   Nanomaterials and Energy, 5 ( 2017) 113-117.
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12. Dielectric studies of 0•5BaTiO3–0•5 Bi2/3Cu3Ti4O12 nanocomposite, Ankur Khare, Shiv Sunder Yadav, N. K. Mukhopadhyay and K.D.                    Mandal, Nanomaerials and Energy, 5 ( 2017) 108-112.
13. Relaxor behavior of Y2/3Cu3Ti4O12 ceramic Sunita Sharma , K.D.Mandal, Emerging Materials Research, 6(2017)155-159. 
14. Characterization of Bi2/3Cu3Ti4O12 ceramics Synthesized by Semi-Wet Route, Pooja Gautam, Ankur Khare, Sunita Sharma, N.B. Singh and          K.D.Mandal, Progress in Natural Science : Materials International 26 (2016) 567-571
15. Comparison of Grain size effects on microstructure and dielectric properties of Y2/3Cu3Ti4-xFexO12 (x=0.05, 0.15) ceramic synthesized by              glycine assisted Semi- wet route, Sunita Sharma, M. M. Singh and K.D.Mandal, Ceramic Transactions 259 (2016) 117-129
16. Dielectric, Ferroelectric and Magnetic Properties of Hexagonal Ba6Y2Ti4O17 (BYTO) Perovskite Derived from Semi Wet Route, Shiv Sunder              Yadav, Ankur Khare, Pooja Gautam, Laxman Singh, Youngil Lee and K.D.Mandal, RSC Advances 6 (2016) 104941-104948
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18. Structural, impedance, and modulus spectroscopic studies on Y2/3Cu3Ti3.95In0.05O12 polycrystalline material prepared by flame synthesis            method, Laxman Singh, Byung Cheol Sin, Won Kim, K.D.Mandal, Hoeil Chung, and Youngil Lee,  Applied Spectroscopy Reviews, 51 (2016)           735-752 
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22. A Novel One-Step Flame Synthesis Method for Tungsten-Doped CCTO, Laxman Singh, Byung Cheol Sin, Won Kim, K.D.Mandal, Hoeil Chung,      and Youngil Lee J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 99 [1] (2016) 27–34
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24. Combustion synthesis of nano-crystalline Bi2/3Cu3Ti2.90Fe0.10O12 using inexpensive TiO2 raw material and its dielectric characterization,               Laxman Singh, Youngil Lee, K.D. Mandal, Powder Technology 280 (2015) 256-265.
25. Dielectric and Electrical Properties of undoped and Fe-Doped Yttrium Copper Titanate,  Sunita Sharma, M.M.Singh and K.D. Mandal, Ceramic      Transactions 252 (2015) 95-106 (MS&T 2014 conference proceeding paper)
26. Rationalization of Dielectric Properties of nano-sized iron doped Yttrium Copper Titanate using Impedance and Modulus Studies, Sunita Sharma,       M. M. Singh, U. S. Rai and K. D. Mandal, Materials Science in Semiconductor processing 31 (2015) 720-727 2014
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28. Dielectric studies of a nano-crystalline CaCu2.90Zn0.10Ti4O12 electro-ceramic by one pot glycine assisted synthesis from inexpensive TiO2 for        energy storage capacitors,  Laxman Singh, K. D. Mandal, U. S. Rai Youngil Lee, RSC Advances 4(95) 2014, 52770-52784
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30. An Overview on recent Developments in the Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of High Dielectric Constant Calcium Copper Titanate               Nano-particles, U.S.Rai, Laxman Singh, K.D.Mandal and Narsingh B. Singh,  Nanoscience and Technology 1 (2), 2014, 1-17 
31. An Insight into Particle Size and Strain Analysis of Y2/3Cu3Ti4O12 (YCTO) sample by XRD Sunita Sharma and K. D. Mandal, INROADS 3              (2014) 31-34
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33. AC impedance, modulus studies on 0.5BaTiO3•0.5CaCu3Ti4O12 nano-composite, Laxman Singh, U. S. Rai, K. D. Mandal , Byung Cheol Sin,        Sang-Ick Lee and Youngil Lee,  Ceramic International 40 (2014) 10073–10083
34. Effect of site selection on dielectric properties of Fe doped CaCu3Ti4O12 electro- ceramic synthesized by citrate nitrate gel route Laxman Singh ,      K. D. Mandal , U.S. Rai and Alok Kumar Rai Indian Journal of Physics 88 (2014) 665-670
35. Tribological studies of Stearic acid-modified CaCu2.9Zn0.1Ti4O12 nanoparticles as effective zero SAPS antiwear lubricant additives in paraffin oil,       V. Jaiswal, R. B. Rastogi, R. Kumar, Laxman Singh and K. D. Mandal, J. Materials Chemistry A, 2 (2014) 375-386
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