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Dr. Manisha Malviya
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry, IIT-BHU
0542 - 6702879
Area of Interest: 
Electro-Organic synthesis, Ionic liquids,Organic and nano catalysts for their application in photoelectrochemistry, alkaline and alcohol fuel cell, Corrosion, high performance polymers.


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Ph.D. [with Prof. R.N.Singh]: BHU [2003-2007]
M.Sc.: Bhopal [2003]
B.Sc-Integrated.:  Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal [2001]

Professional Profile
Assistant Professor:  Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) Varanasi [2007-till date]​

1. Mr. Rajeev Gupta      September  2012  ( completed) 
2. Ms. Neetu Verma         July 2018 (ongoing)
3. Mr. Sarvatej Maurya    January 2019 (ongoing)
4. Mr. Manjit Singh     July 2019 ( ongoing)
5. Ms. Amisha Soni  March 2020 ( ongoing) Co supervisor
6. Mr. Rishabh Mishra   Joined as JRF (SERB) DST project
7. Mr. Narendra Kumar   CSIR- JRF