Coordinator of the School

Prof. Vikash Kumar Dubey
Professor (HAG) & Coordinator
School of Biochemical Engineering
Indian Institute Of Technology ( Banaras Hindu University)
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA – 221005
Off.: 91-542-6702888
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Message from the Coordinator:

The School of Biochemical Engineering (BCE) at the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) was established in 1986 for accomplishing numerous standards in teaching as well as in the research of the current field of biochemical and bioengineering aspects. The School has kept on renovating its academic programs to impart contemporary education in upcoming areas of biochemical engineering. At present, the school of BCE offers academic courses, including Integrated Dual Degree, M. Tech, and Ph.D. in BCE. Not only this, but the School of BCE also offers industrially oriented courses to students of other departments of IIT(BHU). In the new undergraduate program, the School has been assigned to offer a number of institute level courses either independently or jointly with other departments. The research facilities of the School are utilized not only by other departments of the institute and BHU but also by other teaching institutions and research laboratories across India. At present, there are eight highly dynamic faculty members in the School, who guide inter-departmental/interdisciplinary projects and dissertations. Faculty members are engaged in high-level fundamental and applied researches funded by various funding agencies including DST, DBT, CSIR, ICMR, whereas some projects are also funded by the industries. The faculty members of the schools are trained very well in top tier national and international laboratories. The research domain of the School of BCE faculties comprises Bioprocessing, Bioreactor designing, Food engineering, Fermentation technology, Biofuel systems, Biochemical parasitology, Protein engineeringWastewater engineering, Bio-remediation, Bio-Physio Sensors, Nano-bio-engineering, Device Designs, Healthcare Technologies,etc.Now, the School of BCE has a new three-storiedbuilding, which includes all teaching classes and laboratories. The floor area of the new building of the School is 10,000 sq. feet.(Total 30,000sqft). The School has 14 laboratories, 6 well-equipped lecture theatres, a well- equipped100-seater conference room, library,andinternet facility. The School also has a well- furnishedseminar room and few meeting roomsfor faculty and students. The School enjoys an excellent professional interaction with various industrial organizations, experts, and consultants. Besides these, the School also provides expertise for process improvement/ development, raw materials and product analysis, microbiological testing, nano-sensors, etc. to the industries in and around Varanasi. On behalf of the School of BCE, I would like to invite researchers and industry professionals to visit our school and laboratories for possible collaboration.