BCE - Research Projects


Sr.No. Title of Project Name of Funding agency Total cost of Project in Rs Name of the PI
  Projects initiated in 2021-22
1 Characterization of Indigenous cow's dung and urine for scientific advancement and development of utility items DST 31,04,162.00 Dr. Abhishek Suresh Dhoble
  Projects initiated in 2020-21
1 Re-purposing of approved drugs from Drug Bank database for possible treatment for COVID-19  by targeting SARS-CoV-2 main purpose SERB 15,44,664.00 Prof. Vikash Kumar Dubey
2 Development of bi-functional electrochemical nanobiosensors for bacterial exotoxin detection: Implication towards screening of toxin producing bacterial isolates  
38,00,000.00 Dr. Pranjal Chandra
3 Validation of Glutathione synthetase from Leishmania donovani as new drug target or discovery of new drug candidate  
41,42,000.00 Prof. Vikash Kumar Dubey
  Other Projects
1 How Beclin 1 mediates cross-talk between apoptosis and autophagy via ITS C-Terminal Fragment? CSIR 32,61,600.00 Prof. Vikash Kumar Dubey
2 Strategies towards generation of functional tissue engineered construct for orthopedic application  
23,25,950.00 Prof. Pradip Srivastav
3 Development and evaluation of an innovative poly herbal Bi layer wound dressing material DRDO 32,03,200.00 Dr. Pradeep Srivastava
4 Targeted drug delivery of methotrexate/gallic acid- folate conjugated Poly L-Lysine nanoparticles DBT 34,61,200.00 Dr. Abha Mishra
5 Flow and segregation of granular materials out of hoppers and two & three dimensional devices CST-UP 10,44,000.00 Dr. Vishal Mishra
6 Construction of Cold Inducible Expression System  
36,10,300.00 Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
7 Enhancement of Lipid Content in Microalge Scenedesmus Obliquus Using Genetic Engineering Tool: a step towards biodiesel  
4,50,000.00 Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
8 Screening of novel antibiotics from the metagenome of Himalayan glacial soil DRDO 39,87,500.00 Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
9 Identification of Gene Responsible for Degradation of Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) in Ideonella sakaiensis  
40,43,200.00 Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
10 Screening of Novel Psychrophilic alkaline Protace from the metagenoime of Antartic soil SERB 19,04,410.00 Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh