Historical Background

The School was established for achieving several benchmarks in teaching and research in the modern field of Bioengineering. It has kept on modernizing its programmes to impart education in upcoming areas of Biochemical engineering.The School presently offers courses leading to IDD, M. Tech. and Ph. D. degrees in Biochemical Engineering. Show(+) The School also offers courses to undergraduate students of Department of Chemical Engineering., Department of Pharmaceutics, and postgraduate students of School of Materials Science & Technology, School of Biomedical Engg, Department of Civil Engg, Department of Food Sc & Tech, IAgSc, and School of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science. In the new undergraduate curriculum, the School has been entrusted to offer a number of institute level courses either independently or jointly with other departments. The research facilities of the School are utilized not only by other departments of the institute and BHU but also by other teaching institutions and research laboratories. The faculty also guides inter departmental / interdisciplinary projects and dissertations. School has a new building, three storied which includes all teaching and Laboratories. The floor area of the new building of School is 10,000 sq. feet.( Total 30,000sq ft). The School has 14 laboratories, 06 lecture theatres, a 100 seat conference room, a small library with textbook bank and internet facility. The School also has a seminar room and a few instruction rooms and rooms for its faculty. The School enjoys an excellent professional interaction with various industrial organisations, Experts and consultants. Faculty members are engaged in high level research collaborations and consultancy work in industry, where as some others have projects funded by the industry. Besides these, the School also provides know-how for process improvement/ development, raw materials and products analysis, microbiological testing , etc to the industries in and around Varanasi . Hide(-)