From the HOD’s Desk

The department aims at addressing essential challenges faced by our country’s infrastructure industry and the academia. Students should not only have the creative urge to ideate a better built environment, but also develop confidence to experiment and invent technologies to execute those ideas. The program will essentially prepare students for a career in mainstream architectural practice in private and public domains, there will be a significant thrust to encourage them to take up other careers in research, academics, journalism, outreach and advocacy which are becoming increasingly relevant and even critical to the continuation of a habitable world as will be progressively defined through the lens of the universally accepted Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Looking forward to work in team spirit.


The Department of Architecture, Planning and Design was established in 2019. There were many compelling reasons for the establishment of the Department One of the major reason was the existing urban settlements which faces problems of housing, employment, infrastructure and transport. More over since Indian economy is growing as well as globalizing, Indian cities and towns will have to face international competition for attracting global capital which is so essential for sustaining current and future economic growth of India. According to the United Nations, by 2050, more than 80% of the world population, estimated to be 9.3 billion, will be living in urban areas. The biggest contributors to this drastic change in the ratio of urban/rural population are the developing nations from Asia. In the next four decades (2010 to 2050), India will add another 497 million to its urban population. The challenges brought on by this increase in urban population among the developing economies will stretch the limits of how societies function and how they can sustain productive economics and socio-cultural activity. Show(+) This is the broad canvas for establishing the Department of Architecture and Planning at IIT(BHU). Apart from this, Varanasi is one of the oldest city and the center for cultural and architectural heritage, it is best possible precinct to set up a new Department for Architecture and Planning. However, since tourism is very important economic sector for Varanasi, with over 30,00,000 domestic and 2,00,000 foreign tourists visiting annually, there is a significant strain on city infrastructure. The Department intends to specifically deal with endemic problems and introduce efficient solutions for the physical condition of the city of Varanasi and the Purvanchal region, which may be scalable and adaptable to other geographies, in India and abroad. The Department of Architecture and Planning shall be committed to produce excellent Architects, Planners and Designers of the Nation to take up the challenges of physical and socio- environmental development of global standards, where a sense of enquiry will prevail amongst all stake holders- students, researchers, professors and purveyed to the society at large. The Department will strive for social, cultural and environmental sustenance through the discipline of Architecture and Planning.Hide(-)