• B.Tech
    The Department runs a four-year B.Tech. programme in Mining Engineering since 1921. Students, for the program, are admitted through the most prestigious UG engineering entrance exam of the country, JEE (Advanced). Show(+) The program covers eight broad area of Mining Engineering discipline. Apart from learning the concepts of development of skills related to the discipline, the courses are designed in such a way that have broad base of humanities and science courses as well as courses that enable the students to build their character. The program covers the entire components of Mining Engineering. Hide(-)
  • Dual Degree (IDD)
    Department also offers dual degree in Mining Engineering from 2006. The students work on a research problem independently Show(+) leading to PG Dissertation for a period of one year after completing the four years of B.Tech. programme. They earn their M.Tech. degree along with B.Tech. degree; Hide(-)
  • M.Tech
    Department of Mining Engineering Conducts M.Tech Program in Mine Planning, Rock Mechanics and Mine. It is a full time program of two years duration. In addition, there is provision of admitting sponsored candidates from academic institutions, industries and R&D organizations.
  • Ph.D.
    The department is actively involved in research in many areas of Mining Engineering. The focus of the PhD program is on research training with a high degree of specialization. Show(+) The aim of such training is to make our PhD students very competent in their respective areas, so that they may be able to take up teaching or research-and- development work in future. Ph.D. students are also involved in teaching assistantship. This develops their teaching abilities. The admitted PhD students pursue his research in a specific area of research with a highly trained faculty member who is his/her PhD thesis supervisor.Information related to various specializations available in the Department are available in respective section. Hide(-)