Historical Background

The Department of Mining Engineering a well conceived dream of the founder of this university PANDIT MADAN MOHAN MALVIYAJI and the oldest Mining Engineering Department in the country, came into existence as early as 1923, as a section of the Department of Geology, Mining and Metallurgy. Later, in the year 1944, separate departments of Mining and Metallurgy were constituted under the College of Mining and Metallurgy.
The first Ph.D. degree in Mining Engineering in the country was awarded from this department in the year 1964. This lead was further strengthened by introducing the First Post- Graduate course in 1966 leading to M.Sc. degree in Mining Engineering n Metal Mining and Coal Mining, respectively and later the M.Sc. degree in Mine Planning was introduced in 1972. Since, 1995-96 the department offers M.Tech. degree in Mine Environment, Mine Planning and Rock Mechanics. . Show(+) The Department of Mining Engineering, BHU was one of the first in the country to receive UGC Assistance under COSIST and SAP Programme in 1984. Subsequently, the Department was upgraded as a Centre of Advanced Study in the area of Rock Mechanics and Ground Control in 1984.
The Department of Mining Engineering, IIT (BHU) occupies a pioneering position in the field of mining education and research. It has many firsts to its credit. The first Bachelor, Postgraduate and Doctoral degrees in mining engineering in India have been awarded by this department. Today’s Mineral Industry is being run by many of its illustrious alumni who are holding key positions within the country and abroad. Senior faculty members have been recognized by the mining and allied industries as experts in the respective fields and are members of the important decision making bodies associated with CIMFR, NIRM, UGC, ISMU, NCL, CCL, SCCL, CIL, HZL, UCIL etc. The Department received generous grants to accelerate its research and developmental activities.
The Department is divided into six divisions with laboratories that are well equipped with the conventional and modern facilities. Facilities have also been developed for research in collaboration with mining industry to deal with their practical problems, these laboratories are also equipped to undertake fundamental research in the field of mining. The above divisions consist of 19 laboratories. The Department is also provided with an Underground Experimental Model Mine well equipped for demonstration, experimental and research purposes particularly in the field of underground mechanised transport systems, mine ventilation and mine surveying experiments. Hide(-)