Faculty Housing

Having continually achieved newer heights of excellence since its inception a hundred years ago , I.I.T. B.H.U. is poised for a quantum leap ahead with a host of newer development projects for the campus. The campus faces an acute dearth of upscale faculty housing with modern amenities. With the growing demand for more buildings on the campus, it has been envisaged that are need to go vertical – so as to spare comfortable open and green spaces which are a hallmark of the BHU campus.

For the first phase of faculty housing, a tract of 2.5 acres has been landmarked between Vivekanand and Vishwakarma hostel.The first two towers (out of a total of 4) that are going to be built will have stilt parking plus 10 Residential floors. These will be a total of 80 Nos. 3- bedroom apartments in the two towers. Each block will have 2 elevators and 2 staircases and will be equipped with fire – safety installations.

The salient details of the project are as follows.​

1. No. of blocks - 4
2. No. of floors - Stilt + 10
3. No. of flats (each floor & each block) -  4 flats in each floor per block & 40 flats in each block.
4. Total No. of flats  - 160  
5. Area of each flat  - 147.78 sq.m.(1590 sq.ft.)
6. Covered parking  - 92 Cars & Open parking 85 Cars = Total cars – 177
7. lawn, Kids playground.