Infrastructure Projects

IIT(B.H.U), Varanasi is celebrating its centenary this year in 2019. Growing from a few hundred in 1919 to now, the institute is now a 7000 member community on campus comprising of students, staff and faculty. In the last hundred years, the institute has seen a lot of visionary infrastructural development. However, now a need is being strongly felt to prepare the institute for the next 100 years. A lot of infrastructural improvements are proposed as part of centenary initiatives. Some of the key projects proposed in improving the industry, academic, students and other stakeholders engagement and overall development.

The number of students that are admitted to IIT(BHU) is increasing by 300 every year. As government laws change, we expect a rise in this number as well. A total of 6117 students were admitted in this academic session as compared to 5587 in 2017-2018. Therefore, there is an urgent need for infrastructure upgrade for the fulfillment of the demand for the better conducive all-round academic environment. Apart from the several centenary projects already announced in the last couple of years, several new infrastructural projects with an estimated cost of around ₹ 425 crores are being envisaged.

These projects would be planned to be built in a phased manner spread around 2 to 3 years. The initial capital expenditure is planned to be raised from the Government with subsequent plans for future expansion from industry and alumni. The proposed center’s facilities would be offered to industry/ government organizations on a pay per use basis to support part of the recurring expenditure. These projects would be setup in a manner to create avenues for sustainable funding options for meeting recurring expenditure for the institute. Further it would augment institute’s efforts in improvement on key criteria of ranking by various national and international ranking agencies such as NIRF.

Proposed Projects​


Propose New

Alumni in their personal capacity or through their industry affiliation, can provide all possible support to realize the mission to provide world class infrastructure and environment to our students, staff and faculty. In this spirit, apart from support the ongoing projects, they can also propose new ones. The institute would actively look into those proposals.