Academic Funding Support

As part of the #next100IITBHU centenary initiative, the institute proposes to initiate a good number of prestigious chair positions to accelerate ongoing research & knowledge generation and dissemination in cutting edge areas. This initiative would be from financial and technical support from various sponsors coming from the industry (both public & private sector), alumni and any other individual(s) or institution(s) to augment institute’s ability to work for teaching, research and innovation in upcoming areas relevant for the society at large. The spirit behind this initiative is that the Institute would like to attract academicians and industry professionals of repute from all across the globe to these Chair positions to foster growth in newer areas. Apart from other faculty hiring and on-boarding initiatives, this much required initiative is unique in the sense that this appointment is positioned to be seen as an honor; financially empowering the appointee to undertake research and other activities as per the objectives of the chair. For sustainability of this initiative and smooth functioning, the institute has put together some procedural guidelines to manage this initiative.

The alumni in the past have been providing support in the institute’s academic activities in different ways. To further the engagement in that dimension, it was proposed to seek assistance from alumni in setting up these academic chairs in the institute. The list of already approved chairs where funding is being actively sought from Industry and Alumni are given below.

Proposed Professor Chairs
The institute has established following Centenary Chairs as approved by the Board of Governors in the name of eminent academicians who have made a significant contribution to the institute in last 100 years:
  1. BENCO-Prof. Charles A. King
  2. MINMET-Prof. Nagardas Purushottam Gandhi
  3. TECHNOLOGY-Prof. N. N. Godbole
  4. The first Head of Pharmacy Department-Prof. M. L. Schroff
  5. The First Indian Principal of BENCO-Prof. Manoranjan Sengupta.
  6. Prof. Gopal Tripathi Chair-the first Director of erstwhile IT-BHU

Propose New Chair
Alumni/Industry can propose new chairs and areas depending upon their focus, interest and/or intent, especially in new upcoming areas of research. For instance, Indian Railways set up “Malviya Chair for Railway Technology” in the institute..