Global Outreach and Engagement Centre (GOEC)

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This initiative is to establish an engagement with relevant stakeholders of the institute in order to ensure the success of other initiatives. These stakeholders include Government (both state and center); Academic & Research Institutions (both National and International); Industry (Direct and Indirect); Students and Faculty (both prospective,  current and past); Parents of students (both prospective and current); General Public.


Especially on our engagement with Alumni: The strength of the relationship between alumni and the Institute makes is possible to address the above requirements and more. Alumni, by virtue of their professional network, connect the industry to the Institute and help bridge the gap between them. Alumni are also known to have supported the Institute in becoming self-sustaining by creation of corpus, and raising funds to meet various needs of the Institute. All these above are examples where the alumni can support the Institute, and hence there is a need for a strategy for Global Alumni Outreach, given that the alumni are working all over the globe.


Estimated Cost : ₹ 9,99,95,000/- [₹ 7,99,95,000/- (Building) + ₹ 2,00,00,000/- (Equipment) ]


Outcomes and Deliverables
The objectives, outcomes & deliverables of a Global Outreach & Engagement Center/Program to engage the stakeholder community can be enumerated as:
  1. Building a strong community backbone or network across locations
  2. Fostering closer communication and interaction
  3. Strengthening Institute – Stakeholder relationship: Having frequent communication between Stakeholders and Institute. The communication can include: Institute’s plan and vision; garnering support towards Institute’s vision and mission; Co-create and Execute initiatives in collaboration between Stakeholders and Institute
  4. Institute’s PR and Visibility: Enhance public image of the Institute
  5. Developing Industry-Institute Collaboration, for (but not limited to): Internship – practice / application of education; Industry-oriented Research & Development; Industry problem solving; Recruitment and pre-placement of graduates of various programs offered by the Institute; Involving Industry in Education, and bridging Industry-Academia gap
  6. Resource Mobilisation for: Creation and building up of a Corpus; Establishment of Chair;  Creation of Endowments and Scholarships; Creation of Research Funds; Upgradation of Institute’s facilities, viz., Library, Laboratories and Workshops; including creation of new facilities
  7. Engagement with Government for aligning national and state priorities with institute’s goals. Especially for projects covered by Government Grants and HEFA
  8. Alumni Network Structure: The Alumni Network usually grows as individual chapters, location by location. To bring these chapters together, and creation of future chapters, it is important to connect them through a structure. The Alumni Network being followed is Federated, a Hub and Spoke Network. Close Coordination with the Institute and Bridge between the Alumni and the Institute. Connecting all chapters for enhancing communication, interaction and engagement between various chapters towards developing a common charter.