Centenary Defence and Precision Engineering Hub (CDPEH)
Project Detail -2  
The key objectives of the proposed centre for defense research and applications is to carry out the cutting edge interdisciplinary research for the design and development of tools and techniques for defense related applications. The center would work along the key areas identified by DRDO for future research. For which, project proposal requests are floated from time to time for Universities and Other Academic Institutes/Colleges and R&D Centres to benefit DRDO’s ongoing and futuristic programmes.
All the buildings constructed under the Centenary initiatives are planned to be Green Buildings intended towards achieving not only low carbon footprint, but also conserve less energy, water and other natural resources. This is also to ensure that the university continues as a healthy habitat to human, flora and fauna. Building would also designed in a manner to reduce the recurring expenditure through features like energy efficient and environmentally responsive cooling and lighting technologies. An effective waste management system would be built into the overall design to support disposal and recycling. Energy requirement of the building will cater by a renewable source of energy and mix of conventional energy sources. In the proposed centres, the various research centres will be equipped with modern equipment and software to conduct the research activities in specific areas of the research. 


Estimated Cost : ₹ 73,94,88,400/- [₹ 49,99,88,400/- (Building) + ₹ 24,95,00,000/- (Equipments) ]


Outcomes and Deliverables
  1. Conducting state-of-the-art research and innovation activities in the respective areas of the research to address the scientific and technological issues and challenges related to nation grand challenges in listed areas.
  2. Starting new M.Tech. and PhD programmes in specialized research areas.
  3. Development of Technology, Product, hardware and software tools and prototypes.
  4. Research paper Publications.
  5. Technology Transfer.
  6. Training of students and research scholars of the Institute in specialized areas.
  7. Training of outside students through internship programs.
  8. Training of faculty members of other Institutes, and other professionals through faculty development programs, workshops, continuing education program under outreach activities program.
  9. Organizing Seminar, Symposia and workshop under outreach activities program.
  10. Supporting innovation, incubation activities and start-ups. 
  11. Create a consortium with Defence and Aerospace precision Industries for sustainable future of the Research Hub.
  12. Organizing Seminar, Symposia and workshop under outreach activities program.
  13. Supporting innovation, incubation activities and start-ups.