Specialization :  Electrical Machines and Drives (1957)

Electrical machines are integral part of Electrical Engineering. The growth of any country is greatly dependent on electrical machines. In today’s world,it would be impossible to even crawl without the use of electrical machines. Most of the real world application, like transportation, production and construction etc., are driven by electrical machines. Moreover, electrical machines require regulation to achieve optimum performance. In order to provide the regulation, electrical machines are operated along with power electronic. The integration of power electronics with machines serve as electrical drives. Since the inception of electrical engineering, electrical machines and their control with power electronics are hot spot area of research.The specialization continues to stride forward in the high quality of teaching and research. Machine Lab and Drives Lab are two major activities under this specialization which are part of curriculum of Undergraduate and Post graduate students.

Major Research activities currently on-going in this thrust area are:

  • Development of low cost Linear Induction Motor propelled Rail Metro system.
  • Design, Development, Analysis and Simulation of Power Semiconductor Drives.
  • Linear Machines, CAD of Special Devices and Systems.
  • Condition Monitoring, Real Time Data Acquisition, control and Testing.
  • Armature Winding designs.
  • Energy Conservation and Management.
  • Special Electrical Drive for Electrical Vehicle Application
  • Permanent Magnet Alternator Design
  • High Speed Electrical Drives
  • Axial Flux Machines
  • PMBL DC/AC Motor Development
  • Electrical Machines for Energy Applications

Major Achievements:

  • Will be updated soon...

Recent Publications:

  • Avneet K. Chauhan; Venkata V Ratnam; Motiur Reza; M. Raghuram; Santosh Kumar Singh, “Modified Boost Derived
    Hybrid Converter: Redemption using FCM”, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications , 2017 (Accepted).