Specialization : Power Electronics
As a distinct technology and as an academic discipline power electronics has grown tremendously over the last two decades. Power electronics technology is having impact on our national economy also. A number of industrial units for the manufacture of power electronic converters for applications in different sectors of electrical energy use has been established. These power electronics devices and equipment manufacturers still have to depend upon foreign collaboration. This is not very encouraging for the growth of power electronics technology as the foreign technology given to the developing countries is usually old and never the state of the art. Secondly, it creates a permanent dependency on foreign technology, particularly in the fast changing modern area of technology, to meet the challenges of the coming decades. Expertise in power electronics applications is being continuously developed in the department through advance teaching and research program as well as, through indigenous technology development in joint collaboration with industry.

Major Research activities currently on-going in this thrust area are:

  • Switched Reluctance Motor Converters
  • Slip Controlled Induction Motor Drives
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Energy-system Management
  • Resonant Converter/Inverter
  • Resonant DC link PWM Inverter
  • Vector Controlled AC Drives
  • Power Quality Improvement, Active Filters
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Power Electronics Applications in Space based Solar Power
  • Hybrid Micro-grid
  • Power Electronics for Electrical Vehicles and Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
  • Optimal Bidirectional Battery Charger
  • Point of Coad’s
  • Power Converter Topologies and Control
  • Grid Integrated PV Systems
  • ANN Application in Power Electronics

Major Achievements:

  • Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh is appointed as an Associate Editor, IEEE, IES ITeN since 2016.

Recent Publications:

  • Anish Ahmad ; Vinod Kumar Bussa ; Rajeev Kumar Singh ; Ranjit Mahanty, “Quadratic boost derived hybrid multi- output converter, IET Power Electronics, 2017 (Accepted).
  • Avneet K. Chauhan; M. Raghuram; Raja Ram Kumar; Santosh K. Singh, “Effects and Mitigation of Non–Zero DCM in Buck–Boost Derived Hybrid Converter”, IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, 2017 (Accepted).
  • Avneet K. Chauhan; M. Raghuram; Santosh K. Singh , “Non-Zero Discontinuous Inductor Current Mode in Certain Z- source Converters”, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2017 (Accepted).
  • Mukul Garg, Rajeev Kumar Singh and R. Mahanty, “Magnetically coupled boost converter with enhanced ESR filter capacitor for DC microgrid” IET Power Electron.,Vol. 9, Issue. 9, pp. 1943–1951, 2016.