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Dr. Vivek Nandan Lal
Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
Area of Interest: 
Power Electronics for Microgrid and Renewable Applications, Electric Vehicle, Design and Control of Solar PV System, Hybrid AC/DC Converters, Bidirectional Power Converters, Power Quality in Grid-Tied PV System

S. No. Degree Year Subject University/Institution
1 B.E.
(Electrical Engineering)
Electrical Engineering M.N.N.I.T. Allahabad
M.N.R.E.C Allahabad
2 M.Tech.                        (Electrical Engineering) July
Electrical Machines and Drives IIT (BHU) Varanasi
ITBHU Varanasi
3 Ph. D.(under QIP)
(Electrical Engineering)
Electrical Engineering (under QIP) IIT Kanpur

Transaction/ Journal 

Author(s) Title Name of Journal Volume Page Year
1 Shri Prakash Sonkar, Vivek Nandan Lal, Rajeev Kumar Singh Performance Analysis of Diode Assisted Switched LC qZSI Network Based Multi Output 
Series-Parallel  Topologies in  Microgrid 
International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems Accepted for publication       --- January,
2. Manash Kumar Mishra, Vivek Nandan Lal An Enhanced Control Strategy to Mitigate Grid Current Harmonics and Power Ripples of Grid-Tied PV System Without PLL Under Distorted Grid Voltages IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics Accepted for publication       -- August,
3 Manash Kumar Mishra, Vivek Nandan Lal An Advanced Proportional Multiresonant Controller for Enhanced Harmonic Compensation With Power Ripple Mitigation of Grid-Integrated PV Systems Under Distorted Grid Voltage Conditions  IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 57 5318 - 5331 June,
4 Shri Prakash Sonkar, Vivek Nandan Lal, Rajeev Kumar Singh Three-phase quasi-Z source inverters with
regulated multiple AC outputs for microgrid
applications and three-phase residential load
IET Power Electronics 13 2222-2235 May,
5 Manash Kumar Mishra and  V. N. Lal An improved methodology for reactive power management in grid integrated solar PV
system with maximum power point condition
Solar Energy, Elsevier 199 230-245 Feb
6 B. Vinod Kumar, R. K. Singh and V. N. Lal Design and Analysis of Step-Up Interleaved DC–DC Converter for Different Duty Regions
IEEE Transation on Industry Application 56  2031 - 204 Jan
7 V. N. Lal and S. N. Singh Control and Performance Analysis of a Single-Stage Utility- Scale Grid Connected PV System IEEE Systems Journal 11 1601-1611 September, 2017
8  V. N. Lal and S. N. Singh Modified particle swarm optimisation-based maximum power point tracking controller for single-stage utility-scale photovoltaic system with reactive power injection capability
IET Renewable Power Generation 10 899 - 907 July,

IEEE/IET Conferences

  1. ​Manash Kumar Mishra, V. N. Lal, “An Improved Proportional Resonant Controller for Current Harmonics Reduction and Power Ripples Mitigation of Self-Synchronized Grid-tied PV System Under Distorted Grid Voltages”, IEEE ECCE 2021, Vanccuar, Canada, Oct 10 - 14, 2021. ​
  2. Manash Kumar Mishra, V. N. Lal, “An Enhanced Control Strategy for Harmonic Current Suppression of Grid-Connected PV System without Phase-Locked Loop Under Distorted Grid Voltage Conditions”, IEEE APEC 2021, Phoenix, AZ, USA, June 14 - 17, 2021. ​
  3. Shri Prakash Sonkar, Vivek Nandan Lal and Rajeev Kumar Singh, “Three-Phase Hybrid Multi-output converter with Single DC and Multi AC Outputs for Hybrid Microgrid Application”,IEEE ECCE 2020, Detroit, Michigan, USA, 11-15, 2020.
  4.  ​Manash Kumar Mishra, V. N. Lal, “Modified Proportional Resonant Current Controller with MPPT for Three Phase Single Stage Grid Integrated PV System”, IEEE APEC 2020, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, March 15 - 19, 2020. ​
  5. Shri Prakash Sonkar, V. N. Lal, R. K. Singh , “Three Phase Quasi Z Source Inverters with Multiple AC Outputs”, IET PEMD 2020, Notingham, United Kingdom, April 21 - 23, 2020 
  6. Anish Ahmed, R. K. Singh, V. N. Lal, “A Family of Enhanced Voltage Gain Switched- Boost Impedance-Source Inverter Topologies for Renewable Energy Resources”, IEEE ECCE 2019, Baltimore, USA, Sep 27- Oct 03, 2019 
  7. Shri Prakash Sonkar, V. N. Lal, R. K. Singh , “Three Phase Quasi Z Source Inverters with Multiple AC Outputs”, IEEE ECCE 2019, Baltimore, USA, Sep 27- Oct 03, 2019 
  8. Vinod Kumar Bussa, R. K. Singh, R. Mahanty, V. N. Lal, “Steady State Analysis of High Gain Interleaved Boost”Converter at Different Operating Regions for Universal Line PFC Applications”, IEEE IAS Annual Meeting 2018, Portland, USA, Sep 23, 2018 - Sep 27, 2018 
  9. Anup Shukla, V. N Lal, and S.N. Singh,“Profit based unit commitment problem using PSO with modified dynamic programming”18th international conference on Intelligent Systems Applications to Power Systems (ISAP), Porto, Portugal, September 11-16, 2015.​
  10. V. N. Lal and S. N. Singh, “Single-Stage Utility-Scale PV System with PSO Based MPPT Controller”, Eighteenth National Power System Conference (NPSC), December 18-20, 2014 Guwahati, India.
  11. V. N. Lal and S. N. Singh, “Control of a Large Scale Single-Stage Grid-Connected PV System Utilizing MPPT and Reactive Power Capability”, IEEE PES General Meeting, 21-25 July, 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  12. V. N. Lal and S. N. Singh, “P-Q Capability Curve of a Single-Stage Utility-Scale Grid Connected PV System”, 94th Annual General Meeting at Institution of Engineers, Lucknow, India, (Got 1st prize, Dr P. S. Nigam Power Sector Award), November 29-30, 2014