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Dr. Amrendra Kumar
Associate Professor
Department of Mining Engineering
Area of Interest: 
Environmental Economic, GIS and Remote Sensing, Operations Research

Course No Title Level (UG/PG)
MN2103 Underground Mine Environment - I B.Tech
MN2303 Underground Mine Environment – I Lab B.Tech
MN2107B Mineral Beneficiation B.Tech
MN2307B Mineral Beneficiation Lab B.Tech
MN5101 Operation Research in Mining M.Tech
MN5301 Operation Research in Mining Lab M.Tech
MN3201 Mineral Processing B.Tech
MN3202 Environmental  Management in Surface Mines B.Tech
ES1102 Environmental Studies B.Tech
MN5224 Global Environmental Issues M.Tech
MN3401 Mineral Processing B.Tech
MN5421 Mine Environment M.Tech.
MN4104 Mine Disaster B.Tech
MN4105 Mine Safety Engineering B.Tech
MN2107A Mineral Beneficiation B.Tech
MN3402 Environment Management in surface mines- Lab B.Tech
MN4204 Operations Research  in Mining B.Tech
MN5222 Planning and Design of Mine Ventilation System M.Tech
MN5421 Mine Environment Lab M.Tech
MN3102 Underground Mine Environment – II B.Tech
MN5221 Environmental Planning And Management in Surface Mine M.Tech
MN5225 Clean Coal Technology M.Tech
MN4106 Drilling and Blasting of Rock B.Tech
MN4207 Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics Instrumentation B.Tech
MN2402 Rock Mechanics B.Tech
MN5218 Drilling Technology M. Tech.
MN3205 Computer Application in Mining B.Tech
MN5202 Mine Environment Planning M.Tech
MN5401 Mine Planning M.Tech
MN5204 Mine Environment Planning M.Tech
MN3105 Surface Mining-I B. Tech.
HU101 Human Value B.Tech
MN2105 Mine Development B.Tech
HPY 302 Positive Psychology B.Tech/Mtech
HVE 315 Universal Human Conduct B.Tech/Mtech
MN571 Data Analytics M.Tech/PhD
Period Sponsoring Organisation Title of Project Amount of Grant PI, Co-PI or
2019-2022 SERB, New Delhi Whole body vibration exposure on HEMM operators in surface coal mines- an assessement of various contributing factor 40 lakh(app) Co-PI(In Progress)        
2019-22 NCL, Singraulli Optimisation of capacity utilisation of dragline deployed in NCL through big data analytics 83.97 lakh Co-PI(In Progress)        
2019-22 NCL, Singraulli Study for impact assessment of back filling of fly ash in abandoned Gorbi mine and treatment/management of acidic water to avoid contamination of ground water and soil 124.30 Lakh Co-PI(In Progress)        
2015-16 IIT (BHU) Application of Data Analytics Tool to Enhance Decision Making for Better Productivity and Safety in Mines 5 lakhs PI(completed)        
2015-16 IIT (BHU) Studies on Machine Induced Vibration on Health and Safety of Equipment Operators in Surface Mines. 15 lakhs Co-PI(completed)        

Year of Completion
Title of Thesis(M.Tech)
Co-guides (if any)

Sejan Pranit Lugun (08308EN006)
Reliability Centre Maintenance for Dragline in Opencast Mines

Apporva Jain (08408EN008)
Sustainability of Indian Mining Industry and Future Projection               
Prof. A. Jamal

Rishi Sharma (09408EN003)
Acid mine drainage in Indian coal mines: Occurrence and management
Prof. A. Jamal

Avinash Barsa (16152003)
Optimization of shovel dumper combination using mixed integer programming approach- A case study

Narpat singh Meena(13154008)
Assessement of spontaneous heating  susceptibility of coal – a case study



Course Co-cordinator of short term course on Environment management in mining and allied industries”EMMAI, 2012.
              Course Co-cordinator of short term course on Application of recent technique of Environment management in mining and allied industries”ARTME, 2013.
               Co-Convener of an International Symposium “Environmental Management and Current Practices in Mining and Allied Industries” to be organised on 13-15 February-2014.
           Course Co-cordinator of short term course on Environment management in mining and allied industries”EMMAI, 2016 during September      12-17, 2016.