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Prof. Rajiv Prakash
Professor & Dean(R&D)
School of Materials Science and Technology, IIT (BHU) Varanasi
Area of Interest: 
Conducting Polymers, Nanocomposites, Interfacial Synthesis, Organic Semiconducting Devices, Sensors & Biosensors

Rajiv Prakash received his M. Tech. degree in Materials Technology from the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University and completed his Ph.D. work from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay in 1999. He is a Professor of Materials Science and Technology  at the Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University and currently he is Director, IIT Bhilai, C.G. Before joining IIT (BHU) Varanasi served CSIR (IITR, Lucknow) as a scientist for seven years. His areas of research include polymers and nanocomposites, organic electronics and sensor devices and energy storage devices. He is having more than 225 publications in international journals of repute and 25 patents in his credit (Out of which 2 technologies have been transferred for commercialization). He has been the recipient of Young Scientist Award (Council of Science and Technology), Young Engineer (INAE) Awards of India and Materials Research Society (MRSI) Medal Award of India. He is on the Editorial Board of several National and International Journals. He is a member of various national committees including DST-TIFAC for India Vision 2035 and MHRD  “IMPRINT” the program, Member of the Accelerator Users Committee of Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, Member Defense Corridor Project of Government of India and Member Program Advisory Committee for Technology development program (TDP) of DST, New Delhi, India.

Patents: 23 (Granted 11)

​Recent Patents: 

(1)  A PSA Bio-sensing Platform with Graphene Quantum dot-gold nano-particle Electrode and A       
        Method Thereof. Inventors- Rajiv Prakash, Monika Srivastava, N. R. Nirala.
         Patent Application No. 201711035660 dated 07-10-2017.
(2)   A portable test kit for detection of glucose in biological fluids and a method thereof. 
        Inventors- Rajiv Prakash, Vinita, Narsingh R. Nirala.
        Patent Application No. 201811009239 Dated: 13-03-2018
(3)   A portable biosensing system and method for visual detection of glucose in biological fluids.
        Inventors- Rajiv Prakash, Vinita, Narsingh R. Nirala.
        Patent Application No. 201811010352 Dated: 21-03-2018
(4)  Ultrafast formation of Self-assembled, large area, polymers/2d nano-materials composite thin   
        film via Floating Film Transfer Method at air-liquid interface and a process thereof
        Inventors- Rajiv Prakash and Rajiv K. Pandey.
        Patent Application No. 201811013068 Dated: 05-04- 2018
(5)  Friction Reducing Coating on Orthodontic Wires
       Inventors: Chandan Upadhyay; Thakur Prasad Chaturvedi and Rajiv Prakash
       Patent Application No. 201911013104, 02-04-2019
(6)  Method for fabricating a gas sensor by developing thin solid polymeric film
       Inventors: Subhajit Jana and Rajiv Prakash
       Patent Application No. 202011005745, 10-02-2020
(7)  Nanomaterials and low electric field-based multi-layer face masks and a process of fabrication  
      Inventors: Rajiv Prakash
      Patent Application No. 202011016350, 15-04-2020
(8) An Electrochemical Sensor and A Dual Sensing Platform for Detection of Corona
      Viruses and A Process
      Patent Application No. 202011020946, 18-05-2020

  1. Technology on “Arsenic Analyser” (Patent Appl. No. 774/DEL/2000) transferred to ELICO Pvt. Ltd., B-90, A.P.I.E., Hyderabad, India.
  2. Technology on “PSA Bio-sensor” (Patent Appl. No. 201711035660) transferred to PalmSens BV Randhoeve 221, 3995 GA Houten, The Netherlands.

h-index: 40;    i10-Index: 145 ;     Citation 5774
(For details:https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=1uRK1sIAAAAJ&hl=en)

Listed in Stanford University's list of the top 2% scientists in the world 
Selected Publications (Q1/Q2 Journals)

1. Iron-Iron carbide (Fe-Fe3C) encapsulated in S, N co-doped graphitic carbon as robust HER electrocatalyst
 Aniruddha Jaiswal, R. Kumar and Rajiv Prakash
 Energy & Fuels 35 (2021) 16046–16053

2. Facile synthesis of doped CxNy QDs as photoluminescent matrix for direct detection of hydroquinone
Aniruddha Jaiswal, Ashish Kumar and Rajiv Prakash
Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 246 (2021) 119019.
3. Fe-doped MoS2  nanomaterials with amplified peroxidase mimetic activity for the colorimetric detection of glutathione in human serum
Ravi Prakash Ojha, Sandeep Kumar, Ashish Kumar Singh, Rajiv Prakash
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 267 (2021) 124684
4. Polymer/Graphene oxide nanocomposite thin film for NO2 sensor: An in situ investigation of electronic, morphological, structural, and spectroscopic properties
Praveen Kumar Sahu, Rajiv Pandey, R. Dwivedi, V.N. Mishra, Rajiv Prakash
Scientific Reports, 10 (2020) 2981.
5. Polyaniline stabilized activated carbon from Eichhornia Crassipes: Potential charge storage material from bio-waste
Chandra Jeet Verma, A Kumar, S Pal, S Sinha, AK Singh, A Jaiswal, Rajiv Prakash
Renewable Energy, 162 (2020) 2285-2296.
6. Lemon seeds as green coating material for mitigation of mild steel corrosion in acid media: Molecular dynamics simulations, quantum chemical calculations and electrochemical studies
S Pal, G Ji, H Lgaz, IM Chung, Rajiv Prakash
Journal of Molecular Liquids, 316 (2020) 113797
7. Synthesis of uniformly dispersed large area polymer/AgNPs thin film at air−liquid interface for electronic application.
R Mishra, RK Pandey, S Jana, C Upadhyay, Rajiv Prakash
Materialstoday Communications, 24 (2020) 101191
8. Surface driven nano-morphology of poly 3-hexylthiophene film, and their photophysical, spectral and electronic traits
Rajiv Kumar Pandey, Hemlata Bisht , Swatantra K. Yadav , Arun Kumar Singh, Rajiv Prakash, Hirdyesh Mishra
Materials Science and Engineering: B, 260 (2020) 114622.
9. Corrosion prevention of commercial alloys by air-water interface grown, edge on oriented, ultra thin squarine film
Rajiv K. Pandey, Richa Mishra, Gopal Ji, Rajiv Prakash
Scientific Reports (Nature) 9 (2019) 13488
10. Optoelectrical anisotropy in graphene oxide supported polythiophene thin films fabricated by floating film transfer
Rajiv K.  Pandey, Atul S. M. Tripathi,  Shyam S. Pandey and Rajiv Prakash
Carbon 147 (2019) 252-261.

11. Fast development of self-assembled, highly oriented polymer thin film and observation of dual sensing behavior of thin film transistor for ammonia vapour.
Praveen Kumar Sahu, Lalit Chandra, Rajiv K Pandey, V. N. Mishra and Rajiv Prakash
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 220 (2019)
12. Composites of Donor-π-Acceptor type configured organic compound and porous ZnO nano sheets as corrosion inhibitors of copper in chloride environment
Nikhil, Gopal Ji, Rajiv Prakash
Journal of Molecular liquids 280 (2019) 160-172
13. A comparative Study of Aptasensor Vs Immunosensor for Label-Free PSA Cancer Detection on GQDs-AuNRs Modified Screen-Printed Electrodes
N. R. Nirala, Monika Srivastava, S. K. Srivastava and Rajiv Prakash
Scientific Reports, 8 (2018) 1923; 10.1038/s41598-018-19733-z 
14. Fast grown self-assembled polythiophene/graphene oxide nanocomposite thin films at air–liquid interface with high mobility used in polymer thin film transistors
Nikhil, Rajiv K. Pandey, Praveen Kumar Sahu, Manish Kumar Singh and Rajiv Prakash
J. Mater. Chem. C, 6 (2018) 9981-9989
15. Implications of Doping and Depletion on the Switching Characteristics in Polymer-based Organic Field-effect Transistors
Shashi Tiwari, Manish Pandey, Wataru Takashima, Shuichi Nagamatsu, S. K. Balasubramanian, Shuzi Hayase, Shyam S. Pandey and Rajiv Prakash
Organic Electronics, 56 (2018) 152-158
16. DNA assisted regioregular poly (3, 3‴-didodecyl quarterthiophene), rr-PQT-12 fiber: Organic bio-electronic devices
Manish K. Singh, Ashish Kumar and Rajiv Prakash
Organic Electronics, 54 (2018) 209-215
17. One step synthesis of AuNPs@MoS2-QDs composite as a robust peroxidase mimetic for instant unaided eye detection of glucose in serum, saliva and tear
Vinita, Rajiv Prakash
Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical, 263 (2018) 109-119
18. Colorimetric detection of picric acid using silver nanoparticles modified with 4-amino-3-hydrazino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole
Vinita, Madhu Tiwari and Rajiv Prakash
Applied Surface Science, 449 (2018) 174-180
19. A nanoporous palladium(II) bridged coordination polymer acting as a peroxidase mimic in a method for visual detection of glucose in tear and saliva
Vinita, Madhu Tiwari, Rajiv Prakash
Microchimica Acta, 185 (2018) 245
20. Quick colorimetric determination of choline in milk and serum based on the use of MoS2 nanosheets as a highly active enzyme mimetic
N. R. Nirala, Vinita and Rajiv Prakash
Microchimica Acta, 185 (2018) 224

21. Facile synthesis of BSCF perovskite oxide as an efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst
U.P. Azad, M. Singh, S. Ghosh, A. K. Singh, V. Ganesan, A. K. Singh, Rajiv Prakash
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 43(2018) 20671-20679
22. In situ one step synthesis of Fe inserted octaethylporphyrin/Polyindole: A multifunctional hybrid material with improved electrochemical and electrical properties.
Chandra Jeet Varma, Rajiv Kumar Pandey and Rajiv Prakash
Materials Science & Engineering B, 227 (2018) 80-88.
23. Flexible poly (3, 3'''- dialkylquaterthiophene) based interdigitated metal-semiconductor-metal ammonia gas sensor
Chandan Kumar, Rajiv Prakash and S. Jit
Sensors & Actuators: B., 255 (2018) 203-209.
24. Homogenous Dispersion of MoS2 Nanosheets in Polyindole Matrix at Air–Water Interface Assisted by Langmuir Technique
Richa Mishra, Narsingh R. Nirala, Rajiv Kumar Pandey, Ravi Prakash Ojha and Rajiv Prakash
Langmuir, 33 (2017) 13572–13580
25. Self-assembly of regioregular poly [2,5-bis(3-tetradecylthiophen-2-yl)thieno[3,2-bithiophene], pBTTT-C14 in solvent-mixture and study of its junction behaviour
Manish K. Singh, Ashish Kumar and Rajiv Prakash
Organic Electronics, 50 (2017) 138-146
26. Air-stable vapor phase sensing of ammonia in sub-threshold regime of poly(2,5-bis(3-tetradecylthiophen-2yl)thieno(3,2-b)thiophene) based polymer thin-film transistor
Praveen Kumar Sahu, Manish Pandey, Chandan Kumar, Shyam S. Pandey, Wataru Takashima, V. N. Mishra and Rajiv Prakash
Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical,
246 (2017) 243-251
27. Interface engineering for enhancement in performance of organic/inorganic hybrid heterojunction diode.
Rajiv K. Pandey, Richa Mishra, Peeyush Tiwari and Rajiv Prakash
Organic Electronics 45 (2017) 26-32
28. High-performance photo detector based on hydrothermally grown SnO2 nanowire/ reduced graphene oxide (rGO) hybrid material
Manish Kumar Singh, Rajiv K. Pandey, Rajiv Prakash
Organic Electronics, 50 (2017) 359-366
29. Self-assembly of regioregular poly (3,3?-didodecylquarterthiophene) in chloroform and study of its junction properties
Manish K Singh, Ashish Kumar and Rajiv Prakash
Materials Science & Engineering B, 217 (2017) 12-17
30. A strategy to achieve efficient dual-mode luminescence in lanthanide-based magnetic hybrid nanostructure and its demonstration for the detection of latent fingerprints Praveen K. Shahi, Priyam Singh, Akhilesh K. Singh, Sunil K. Singh, Shyam B. Rai, Rajiv Prakash
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 491 (2017) 199-206
31. Lanthanide doped ultrafine hybrid nanostructure: Multicolour luminescence, upconversion based energy transfer and luminescence solar collector application
Priyam Singh, Praveen Kumar Shahi, Sunil Kumar Singh, Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Manish Kumar Singh, Rajiv Prakash and Shyam B. Rai
Nanoscale, 9 (2017) 696-705
32. The nanocrystalline coordination polymer of AMT–Ag for an effective detection of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride in pharmaceutical formulation and biological fluid.
Madhu Tiwari, Ashish Kumar, Uma Shankar, Rajiv Prakash
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 85 (2016) 529–535
33. Nano-porous network of DMTD-Ag coordination polymer for the ultra trace detection of anticholinergic drug.
Madhu Tiwari, Ashish Kumar and Rajiv Prakash
Polymer, 82 (2016) 66-74
34. Surface plasmon coupled metal enhanced spectral and charge transport properties of poly (3, 3′′′-dialkylquarterthiophene) Langmuir Schaefer films
RK Pandey, SK Yadav, C Upadhyay, R Prakash, H Mishra
Nanoscale, 7 (2015) 6083-6092
Book Chapters Published:

  1. Urea Biosensor based on Conducting Polymer Transducers
    Bhavana Gupta, Shakti Singh, Swati Mohan and Rajiv Prakash
    "Intelligent and Biosensors", ISBN 978-953-7619-99-2 (2010), Publ. Intech, Vukovar

             Free Download:"http://www.sciyo.com/books/show/title/biosensors".

  1.  Biphasic electropolymerization of polyaniline-multiwalled carbon nanotube nanocomposite

             M.Srivastava, A. Kumar, B. Gupta, S.K. Srivastava, Rajiv PrakashTrends in        
             Polyaniline Research; 2013, Pages 241-260
             Nova Science Publishers, Inc. © Copyright 2014 Elsevier B.V.

  1.  Polymers and Composites (2016) India Technology Vision Plan 2035, TIFAC, India.


  1. Mechanical and Wear Properties of Nano Titanium based Dental Composite Resin

            Rajul Vivek, Ashish Kumar, T.P. Chaturvedi, Rajiv Prakash
            ELSEVIER -Composites in Biomedical Engineering Vol-1 (2018).

  1.  Nanobiomaterial Engineering-Concepts and Their Applications in Biomedicine        
     and Diagnostics

            Editors: P. Chandra, Rajiv Prakash
            Springer (2019) https://www.springer.com/us/book/9789813298392

  1.  Enzymatic Electrode–Electrolyte Interface Study During Electrochemical Sensing of Biomolecules

            Ashish Kumar, Priya Singh, Rajiv Prakash
            John Wiley & Son, Inc, USA ISBN (print Paper-13): 9781119538547 Title (main):               
            Bioelectrochemical Interface Engineering Copyright (publisher): © 2020

1. DST-JSPS (Indo-Japan) Project onOrientation mechanism of low band gap uniaxially-oriented polymer semiconductor and its carrier transport characteristics” (PI, India and Prof. Manaka, TIT, Japan) Period: 2021-23
2. IMPRINT-2 (SERB) on “Low cost ammonia gas sensor based on polymer/polymer
nanocomposite device formed by novel floating film transfer (FTM) technique” (Industry collaborations). (2018-2020) (PI).
3. DST sponsored project in collaboration with Renault – Nissan Technology and Business Centre on “Development of low cost sodium-ion battery: Fabrication and application of NASICON based electrodes” (Industry Collaborations). 2018- 2021 (PI).
4. SPARC 2019 (SERB) Joint project with Tokyo Institute of Technology and KIT, Japan on Harnessing the synergy of low band gap organic semiconductors and highly facile floating film transfer method for low cost efficient organic electronic devices 2019-20 (PI).
5. DBT IC#4 proposal "Impact of Carbon Nanomaterial based Photocatalyst on Microalgae Growth and Lipid for improved Biodiesel" (BT/PR31218/PBD/26/771/2019) (AMITY Inter-institute project 2019-2022 PI-IIT (BHU).
6. RDSO, Lucknow and Railway Malaviya Chair (IIT-BHU) project on “Advanced Polymer Composites for AC blower Fans and Bushes for Railway Coaches” 2016- 2018 (PI)
7. DBT sponsored project on “DNA based Molecular Electronics” 2013-2016 (PI) 
8. DST sponsored project on “Development of Azidothymidine (Anti HIV drug) and its Reactive   
Phase-I Metabolite Electrochemical Sensor based on Low Cost Screen Printed Electrodes” 2013-2015 (PI)

Network projects:

  1. Co-Coordinator of Defence Corridor Project (Rs 69 Crore) Government of Uttar Pradesh (2018-2023)
  2. Cyber Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) – Technology Innovation Hubs (TIHs) DST (110 Crore)  Co-Coordinator and One of the PIs (2019-2024)

Consulting assignments undertaken:

  1.   Max- Specialty Films, Max India Pvt. Ltd. consultancy project on “Graphene-polymer based materials for coating and packaging applications”. Period: 2014 to 2015.

        2. GGS Refinery (HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited), Bhatinda consultancy project on “Failure Analysis of second stage Sour Water Stripper Re-boilerYear: 2015

  1.   Greenway Grameen Infra Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai consultancy project on “Thermal efficiency test of biomass for cookstoves”. Year: 2015

        4. Sentiss Research Centre, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon consultancy project on “Crystal harvesting process optimization characterization of nanomaterials based eye drugs”.


        5. Micro Labs Limited, Bangalore consultancy project on “Structural analysis of LDPE  Bottle product exposed by Gamma ray for medical purpose”. 2019-2021.  

       6.  Attero Recycling Pvt. Ltd. Roorkee, consultancy project on “Analysis of Attero designed and developed patented pending machine towards destroying the N95/N95                  Equivalent Masks, Surgical Gloves, Suits and other PPE”. 2020-2021.                                              

(1) Academician of Asia Pacific Academy of Materials (Elected in 2013)
(2) MRSI Medal (2010)
(3) Young Engineers Award-2005 of Indian National Academy of Engineering
(4) Young Scientist Award-2003 of U.P. Council of Science and Technology.
1. Advisory committee of TIFAC for India Technology Vision Plan 2035 on Materials and
Processing and Author of chapter “Polymers and Composites”. http://tifac.org.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=850&Itemid=1402
2. Coordinator of “Polymeric and Soft Materials” under Advanced Materials Theme of IMPRINT  
    under MHRD for Road Map 2020 http://imprint-india.org/domains/advanced-materials (2018-20)
3. Panel member of DRDO Aerospace Resources Panel (ARP-AR & DB)
4. University Grants Commission Project Expert Committee of Materials Science (2010- 2015).
5. Member Defense Corridor Committee for Uttar Pradesh (2019- Till date).
6. Program Advisory Committee (PAC) member for Technology development program (TDP)
    of DST (Dec 2020- Dec. 2023). 
S.No. Post Organization / University Duration  
From (Date) T o (Date)  
1 Professor HAG (Level-15) Materials Science and Technology, Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi Sept 2016 Till date  
2 Professor Materials Science and Technology, Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi Sept 2010 Sept 2016  
3 Reader/Associate Professor Materials Science and Technology, Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi Sept 2004 Sept 2010  
4 Lecturer Chemistry, BHU, Varanasi July 2004 Sept 2004  
5. Scientist IITR (CSIR) Lucknow May 1997 July 2004  
6. Visiting Scientist University of Mainz, Germany (under DAAD) June 2002 Sept 2003  
KIT, Japan (Under JASCO fellowship) Oct-2007 March-2009 Less than one month
S.No. Administrative Experience/Posts) & Responsibilities Held Duration
From (Date) T o (Date)
1 Director, IIT Bhilai 26.09.2022 till date
2 Dean (R&D) IIT (BHU) Varanasi 21-11-2017 Dec.2021
Addition Charge of Dean (Academic Affairs)  IIT (BHU) Varanasi                       July  2019 Nov. 2019
3 Head Material Science and Technology
(Coordinator) IIT (BHU) Varanasi
Sept. 2014 Nov. 2017
Aug. 2007 July 2010
4 Professor-in-Charge (R&D) IIT (BHU) Varanasi Feb. 2013 July 2014
Professor Incharge (Central  Instrument Facility) July 2014 Dec. 2021
Coordinator IPR Cell 23-01-2015 Dec. 2021
5 Senate Member July 2012 Dec. 2021
6 BoG member (Senate nominee) 01-01-2015 01-01-2017
7 Chairman of NIRF Committee of the Institute 10-09-2018 Dec. 2021
8 Chairman Institute Network Committee April 2019 Dec. 2021
9 BoG Nominee to the Financial committee (FC) of the Institute 12-06-2015 Sept-2021
10 Chairman of committee for Stores and Purchase Manual modification of the Institute as per the GFR 2017 09-12-2017 -
11 Chairman Committee for Proposing Delegation of Financial Powers as per GFR 2017 16-10-2017
12 Chairman of Institute Cadre Structure Committee for Non-Teaching Staff and Scientific Officer 23-08-2017
Dec. 2021
13 Member Institute Committee for Mapping, Transitory Promotion and Grievance of Non-Teaching Staff 10-08-2017
Dec. 2021
14 Chairman Seed fund Committee of Malviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship of the Institute. April 2016
March 2017
15 Member Malviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship of Institute June 2016
Dec. 2021
16 Deputy Chief Councilor Gymkhana  Oct 2012 July 2014

International Collaborations:
1) Prof. Takaaki Manaka (Funding SPARC and JSPS Projects)
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
     http://www.pe.titech.ac.jp/IwamotoLab/en/top.html; Email: manaka.t.aa@m.titech.ac.jp
2)  Prof. S. S Pandey (Funding SPARC and JSPS Projects)
     LSSE, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, 808-0196, JAPAN
     http://www.lsse.kyutech.ac.jp/english/; Email: keiichi.kaneto@oit.ac.jp
3) Prof. Joydeep Dutta (Under Institute Support and GIAN program)
    Professor in Functional Materials
     KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    School of Engineering Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden 
    https://www.aphys.kth.se/mnp/research/fum; Email: joydeep@kth.se
4) Prof. Dr. Sanjay Mathur (Under Institute Support)
     Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
     Chair, Inorganic and Materials Chemistry
     University of Cologne, Germany
     https://uni-koeln.zoom.us/my/sanjaymathurE-mail: sanjay.mathur@uni-koeln.de
5) Prof. R Vasant Kumar, Fellow of Trinity Hall (Under LEAP and Vaibhav Summit)
    Department of Materials Science
    University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB4 0PZ
    https://www.msm.cam.ac.uk/people/kumar; Email: rvk10@cam.ac.uk

Name of Equipment/Facilities
Materials printing facility (Ink printer)
Electrochemical work station with impedance Analyser (10mHz to 7 MHz)--2 No
Par Instrument and CH Instrument
Electrochemical work station with Quartz Crystal Microbalance
UV-vis Abs Spectrophotometer (200 to 1400 nm)
ELISA Plate Reader
Glove Box Equipped with Battery Testing System
Vacuum Coating Unit  
Hind High Vacuum Co.
DC Sputtering Unit
Classone Systems
Dual Channel Source Meter Equipped with Gas Chamber 
Keithley-Model 2612A
I-V characterization set up (Current source meter with nano voltmeter) with microprobe station
Keithley- Model 6220 and 2182A
LB Trough (customized Trough of 100 mL)
Apex Instruments
Synthesis and basic characterization facilities related to  polymers and sensors and fabrications of devices
Name of Research Student
Title of the thesis/research
Status (Awarded/Registered)
Under Supervision of Prof. Rajiv Prakash
Mr. Arun Kumar Singh
Studies of conducting polymers and their nanocomposites for schottky devices
Awarded (2010)
Enroll No. 268312
Ms. Swati Mohan
Development and characterization of functionalized polymers for sensor application
Awarded (2011)
Enroll No. 248109
Ms. Bhavana Gupta
Comparative studies on chemical and electrochemical synthesis of conducting polymers and their modification for technological applications
Awarded (2011)
Enroll No.266374
Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
Preparation and thermal, optical and mechanical properties of uncompatibilized and compatibilized blends of polycarbonate and poly(methyl methacrylate) polymers.
Awarded (2012)
Enroll No. 282698
Ms. Leela Joshi
Studies of indole based conducting polymers and their nanocomposites for electronic applications
Awarded (2012)
Enroll No. 255274
Mr. Ashish Kumar
Synthesis of polyindole conducting polymer with nano-templates and its characterization for technological applications
Awarded (2013)
Enroll No. 295217
Mr. Rajiv Kumar Pandey
Self assembly of poly(3,3’’’-dialkylquarterthiophene) through facile techniques and its device application
Awarded (2014)
Enroll No.  329154
Ms. Sharddha  Singh
Studies of carbon/carbon-silicon carbide composite and carbon-epoxy nanocomposites
Awarded (2014)
Enroll No. 319993
Mr. Gopal Ji
  Inhibitive effects of the natural organic products on mild steel corrosion in acid media
Awarded (2014)
Enroll No. 316817
Mr. Sandeep Gupta
Photochemical assisted synthesis of gold and silver nanomaterials for electrosensing applications
Awarded (2016)
Roll No. 11615EN006
Ms. Madhu Tiwari
Studies on coordination polymers of 2-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole and their application in drug sensing .
Awarded (2016)
Roll No. 12615EN003
Ms. Kashish
Development of genosensors for pathogenic bacteria based on ssDNA probes
Awarded (2016)
Roll No. 12615EN002
Preeti Tiwari
Functionalised nanomaterials for sensing application.
Registered (July 2013)
Roll No. 13111008
Mr. Manish Kumar Singh
Engineered polymers and nanocomposites for electronic applications
Registered (July 2014)
Roll No. 14111006
Ms.Richa Mishra
(Inspire fellow)
Self-assembled functional polymers, metal organic and charge transfer complexes for their device applications.
Registered (July 2014)
Roll No. 14111010
Ms. Vinita
Synthesis of coordination polymers and nanoparticles and their technological applications
Registered (July 2015)
Roll No 15111009
Mr.Nandlal Rajak
(Industry Sponsored)
Polymer blends and composites for their industrial applications.
Registered (July 2015)
Roll No. 15111005
Mr. Chandra Jeet Verma
Porphyrin functionalized polymers and graphene oxide for their electrochemical applications
Registered (July 2015)
Roll No. 15111001
Mr. Vineet Kumar Mall
Development of nanomaterials for sensing of drugs and biomolecules using molecular imprinting techniques
Registered (July 2015)
Roll No. 15111503
Mr. Nikhil
Conducting polymers and their composites for electronic applications
Registered (July 2016)
Roll No. 16111007
Mr. Ravi Prakash Ojha
Nanomaterials modified substrate for biosensing applications
Registered (July 2016)
Roll No. 16111009
Mr. Anirudha Jaiswal
Carbon Nitride materials and their application in photocatalysis and fluorescence activity
Registered (Dec. 2016)
Roll No. 16111502
Mr. Ajay Kumar
Polymer fibres and nanocomposites based charge storage devices and sodium ion battery
Registered (Dec. 2016)
Roll No. 16111501
Mr. Subhajit Jana
 Self-assembly of conducting polymers and nanocomposites for organic electronic devices
Registered (July 2017)


Ms. Priya Singh

 Ms Nupur Kumari

Nanomaterials as artificial enzyme for colorimetric sensors   

 Polymer nanocomposites and Biosensors (Tentative Title)

Registered (July 2017)

 July 2020



Ms. Shweta Pal

 Mr Saurabh Kumar

 Catalytic Applications of Nanomaterials    

  Na+ ion based Battery and Capacitor 

Registered (July 2017)

 July 2019

Under Co-supervision of Prof. Rajiv Prakash
Mr. Prashant Agrawal
Monitoring of heavy metals in water and soil samples in thermal power projects of Singrauli and surrounding areas (MP/UP) and morbidity profile of inhabitants
Awarded (2009)
Enroll no. 277348
Mr. Ishtiaque Ahmad
(Chemistry, IIT)
Inhibition of mild steel corrosion by some organic compounds containing heteroatoms
Awarded (2010)
Enroll No. 294672
Mr.Sudhir Yadav
Heavy metals loads in human beings with disease profile of inhabitants around thermal power plants of Singrauli region
Awarded (2011)
Enroll No. 288098
Shashi Tiwari (Electronics, IIT, BHU)
Fabrication and characterization of poly-3-hexylthiophene based field effect transistors: Performance improvement by morphology and doping control
Awarded (2015)
Enroll No. 301987
Mr.Praveen Sahu
(Electronics, IIT, BHU)
Development of Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposites and Devices for Gas Sensing Application.
Registered (2014)
Roll No. 14091007
Chandan Kumar
(Electronics, IIT, BHU)
Organic Materials Based Thin Film Devices for Electronic and Sensing Applications
Registered (2014)
Roll No. 14091005
Mr. Bishnu Pada Majee
Investigation of phonon modes in 2D materials.
Registered (2016)
Roll No. 16111004
Dr. Rajul Srivastava
Study of Properties of Poly methyl metha acrylate Containing Metal Nano Particles and  Nanoclay for Dental Application
Registered (Dec. 2015)
PhD open seminar Nov. 2017
Roll No. 14618PCB001

Postdoctoral Fellows: Working at present - 4 (1 under Institute and 3 under DST National fellowship)
M. Tech./IDD Project: 45 (6 working at present)