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Dr. Bhawna Verma
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Area of Interest: 
Heat Transfer In Narrow Tubes; Biodiesel; Carbon Materials/ Nanocomposites Materials For Enhanced Capacitance

PhD.  Chemical Engineering IIT (BHU), Varanasi.
M.Tech. Chemical Engineering IIT (BHU), Varanasi.
B.E. Chemical Engineering, GEC, Raipur, Pt. R.S.S.U.(now NIT, Raipur)


1. AICTE , Research promotion Scheme," Hydrodynamic and heat transfer studies in pulsating heat pipe" , 10.45 lakhs ,(2009-2012); PI

2. ITBHU, "Hydrodynamic and heat transfer studies in narrow channels", 0.5 lakhs (2008- 2012);PI

3. IIT BHU Sprouting grant, "Production and storage of hydrogen", 15 lakhs (2013); Co-PI

4. Design Innovation Hub ,IIT(BHU)" Zeolite from flyash", 0.17lakhs (2014-15); PI

5. Design Innovation Hub ,IIT(BHU)" Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel", 0.12 lakhs (2014-15); PI

6. CERD, IIT(BHU) Sponsored Project on " Hybrid glass and carbon gel based supercapacitors for energy storage",  6.5lakhs (2016-18); PI.


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