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Prof. Pradeep Ahuja
Department of Chemical Engineering IIT BHU.
Area of Interest: 
Modelling and Simulation, Thermodynamics and Kinetics

  • B.Tech. (1991) Chemical Engineering, IT-BHU
  • M.Tech. (1993) Energy Studies, IIT-Delhi
  • Ph.D. (1996) Chemical Engineering, IT-BHU


  • Excellence in Teaching Award of IIT (BHU) for the session 2016-17
  • AICTE Career Award for Young Teachers for the year 1999

Ph.D. Thesis Supervised
Dr. Dhananjay Kumar, Synthesis and Characterization of Some Zeolites, 2000

M.Tech. Dissertations Supervised

Mr. Manish Kumar Rungta, Effect of stirring on mesoporous zeolite synthesis, 2000
Mr. Ritesh Kumar Rathod, Monte Carlo simulation of adsorption on zeolites, 2001
Mr. Atin Varshney, Adsorption of hydrocarbons on ZSM-5 in a packed bed, 2001
Mr. T. Umasankar Patro, Catalytic conversion of HDPE over microporous and mesoporous zeolite catalysts, School of Materials Sc. and Tech., 2001
Ms. Ronita Acharya, A modified two phase model of a fluidized bed, 2002
Mr. Vivek Agrawal, Monte Carlo simulation of diffusion in zeolites, 2002
Mr. Viswas Yadu, Analysis of deterministic chaos in a fluidized bed, 2002
Mr. Anadi K. Sethi, Confirmation of chaos in a fluidized bed, 2002
Mr. Utpal Raj, Chaotic analysis of pressure fluctuations in a gas-solid fluidized bed, 2003
Mr. Sunil Kumar, Synthesis of zeolite ZSM-5 using fly ash, School of Materials Sc. and Tech., 2003
Mr. Balwinder Singh, Catalytic degradation of HDPE in a fixed bed reactor, 2003
Ms. Hemalatha Kilari, Application of simple genetic algorithms in optimization of heat exchanger, chemical kinetics and reactor design, 2004
Mr. Jadeja Girirajsinh Chandra, Catalytic conversion of aqueous ethanol to hydrocarbons, 2004
Mr. Shivaraj Deshmukh, Catalytic pyrolysis of polyolefins solution in a fixed bed reactor, 2004
Mr. Sanjay Singh, Deactivation and Reactivation of Catalysts in a fluidized catalytic cracking unit, 2004
Mr. Patel Atulkumar Rameshbhai, Conversion of heavy oils to quality fuels over zeolite catalysts, 2005
Mr. Ravi Babu Kuda, Preparation and catalytic applications of zeolite coated ceramic materials, 2006
Mr. Jaydeep Balajee, CFD Modelling for Fluidized Bed using Kinetic Theory
, 2007
Mr. Kshitij Kaushik, Modelling and Simulation of Batch and Continuous Fluidized Bed Dryer, 2008
Mr. Balajee Potnuru, Modelling and Simulation of Pneumatic Dryers, 2008
Mr. Sujan Kumar Bashapaka, CFD study of Trickle bed reactor: hydrodynamics and heat transfer studies, 2009
Ms. V.S.S. Meenakshi Madhuri, CFD studies on particle-to-fluid mass and heat transfer in a packed bed reactor, 2009
Mr. Kasim Ali, CFD study of bubble column flow, 2010
Mr. Ravindra Babu Yenugu, Simulation Studies on Kinetic Model for Dimethyl Ether Synthesis, 2011
Mr. Srichakra Sandeep V, Simulation Studies on Kinetic Model for the transformation of Bioethanol into olefins, 2011
Ms. Bandana Kumari, Modelling of RTD for various equipment used in food technology, 2012
Mr. Rasheed, Modelling of selective catalytic reduction of NOx, 2012
Ms. Lipika Parida, A model for the coupling of endothermic and exothermic reactions in stirred vessel and tubular reactor, 2012
Mr. Anshumant Kumar, Solution of Partial Differential Equations using MOL and ADI methods, 2013
Mr. Rohit Pratap Singh Kushwah, Design of Fixed Bed Reactor using MATLAB, 2013
Mr. Tarun Kumar Dixit, Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis using GAMS, 2013
Mr. Ashwani Kumar, One-dimensional pseudo-homogeneous model of packed bed catalytic reactor, 2014
Mr. Himanshu Tiwari, One-dimensional heterogeneous Model of Packed Bed Catalytic Reactor, 2014
Mr. K.S.S. Saikrishna, Modelling and Simulation of Biomass Pyrolysis in a Fluidized Bed Reactor, 2015
Mr. Bante Rahul Shankarrao, Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor, 2015
Mr. Ashish Kumar, Simulation of Ethylbenzene Dehydrogenation into Styrene in a Packed bed Reactor, 2016
Mr. Ashish Kumar Pandey, Simulation of catalytic steam reforming of methane mixture with propylene in a packed bed reactor, 2017