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Dr. Vijay Shinde
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
(+91) 0542 716 5207
Area of Interest: 
Heterogeneous Catalysis, Reaction Kinetics and Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Biomass Conversion Processes.


2008: B.Tech Chemical Engineering, Dr. B A Tech University, Lonere
2010: M.Tech Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 
2013: Ph.D Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


2016: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
2017: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering  (IIT BHU)


Google Scholar

1. Vijay Shinde, Emmanuel Skupien and Michiel Makkee, Synthesis of highly dispersed Pd nanoparticles supported on multi-walled carbon nanotubes and their excellent catalytic performance for oxidation of benzyl alcohol, Catalysis Science & Technology 5 (2015)
4144-4153. Impact factor: 5.287.
2. Vijay Shinde, Ganesh Patil, Amit Katariya and Yogesh Mahajan, Production of tetrahydrofuran by dehydration of 1,4-butanediol using amberlyst-15: batch kinetics and batch reactive distillation, Chemical Engineering and Processing 95 (2015) 241-248. Impact factor: 2.154.
3. Vijay Shinde and Giridhar Madras, Synthesis of highly active Ni/TiO2 catalyst for dry and steam reforming of methane, RSC Advances 4 (2014) 4817-4826. Impact factor: 3.289.
4. Vijay Shinde and Giridhar Madras, CO methanation towards the production of synthetic natural gas over highly active Ni/TiO2 catalyst, AIChE Journal 60 (2014) 1027-1035. Impact factor: 2.98.
5.Vijay Shinde and Giridhar Madras, Production of syngas from steam reforming and CO removal with water gas shift reaction over nanosized Zr0.95Ru0.05O2-d solid solution, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38 (2013) 13961-1373. Impact factor: 3.205.
6. Vijay Shinde and Giridhar Madras, Synthesis of nanosized Ce0.85M0.1Ru0.05O2-d (M=Si, Fe) solid solution exhibiting high CO oxidation and water gas shift activity, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 138-139 (2013) 51-61. Impact factor: 8.328.
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13. K. Raghu Raja Pandiyan, Vijay Shinde and Swati Neogi, Measurement of effective permeability of reinforcement mats using sensitivity analysis, Polymer Composite 33 (2012) 1445-1454. Impact factor: 2.004.

Principal Investigator
Dr. Vijay Shinde 
Department of Chemical Engineering IIT BHU

Current Students
Ph.D. Students
1. Anand Gupta
2. Guruprasad Nille (AYURVEDA:IMS-BHU)

M.Tech Students
1. Shikhar Nigam
2. Shivam Bhatia

1. Udit Choudhary (TATA Steel)
2. Balamurugan D
3. Prashun Pradeep
4. N. Phani Pavan Kumar

1. CHO102 Fluid Mechanics
2. CHE405 Modeling Simulation and Optimization
3. CHE504 Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design

A JRF position in the area of surface Chemistry (DFT Calculations) is available. The interested candidates can directly contact me.