Research Grants/ Projects

Year Project Title Sponsoring Agency Principal Investigator (PI)
Design and Development of portable green solar cooker
Project Varanasi
Prof. Santosh Kumar
Fabrication of a Machine for 3D printing filament production & Show casing of 3D printing Technology
Prof. Santosh Kumar
Design Development of an Incremental Sheet Hydro forming Machine Setup
Prof. Santosh Kumar
Technology Development and fabrication of Tabletop Tube hydro forming Machine
BRNS Mumbai
Prof. Santosh Kumar
Development of Rubber based Sheet hydro forming Setup
DRDL Hyderabad
Prof. Santosh Kumar
Setting of ‘Teaching Learning Centre (Technical)' under PMMMNMTT scheme
Prof. Santosh Kumar
Additive Manufacturing of Functional Assembly
Institute Research project (individual faculty)
Prof. Santosh Kumar
Design and Development of Commercial Solar Dryer for Aonla Drying
AICTE , New Delhi
Prof. S. K. Shukla
Development of Improved Wood Cook Stoves for Rural Areas and Some Quantifications of Carbon Savings
U.G.C., New Delhi
Prof. S. K. Shukla
Development and Dissemination of Low Carbon Technologies in Rural and Urban Areas
Council of Science and Technology, (CST, UP)
Prof. S. K. Shukla
Centre for Excellence on Energy and Resources Development
MHRD, Govt. of India
Prof. S. K. Shukla
2017 onwards
Technology Development Centre (Incubation) for Grass root Innovators
Council of Science and Technology, (CST, UP)
Prof. S. K. Shukla
Design and Development of Cooling and Power Generation Systems
Council of Science and Technology, (CST, UP)
Prof. S. K. Shukla
Quenching behaviour of dry heated rod in Nanofluids
Prof. Pradyumna Ghosh
October 2014- Dec 2017 Design of high temperature facility for graphite dust formation and transport BRNS Prof. P.Shukla
Prof.R.S.Singh, Chemical Engineering, IIT(BHU)
2014-2017 Assessment of residual stress upon friction stir welding of steel DST, India Mohd Zaheer Khan Yusufzai
2016-2018 Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics of Hybrid Nanofluids in Mini-Micro-channels IIT (BHU) Dr. Jahar Sarkar
2017-2018 Development of Eco-friendly Heat Pump Dryer for Bio Applications DIC, IIT(BHU) & BHU Dr. Jahar Sarkar
2 years Study on Wind Climatology on Slender Structures Using Weibull and Generalized Extreme Value Distribution BRNS, Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India PI: Dr. Arnab Sarkar
Co PI: Dr. S. K. Panda
2 years Harvesting of Renewable Energy through Gasification of Biomass CERD, IIT (BHU), Varanasi PI: Dr. Arnab Sarkar
Co PI: Dr. J.P. Chakraborty
1 year Identification of Pollution levels on the streets of Varanasi and developing a traffic routing model for an environment optimized traffic flow strategies IRP, IIT (BHU) Dr.Cherian Samuel
2013-2016 Effective tumour necrosis using cryosurgery DST Dr Amitesh Kumar
2015-2016 Design of a cryogenic helium turboexpander BRFST-NFP Dr Amitesh Kumar
2017-2019 Characterisation and validation of Schlieren imaging technique for capturing shock wave DRDO Dr Amitesh Kumar
2017-2018 Investigations on solar power driven electric boat Project Varanasi Dr Amitesh Kumar
2017 onwards Experimental study of turbulent jet Seed Grant, IIT(BHU) Dr Amitesh Kumar
2017 onwards Effect of nanofluid on double diffusion finger convection Seed Grant, IIT(BHU) Dr. Om Prakash Singh
2017 onwards Performance analysis of articulated concrete blocks using CFD Floodkon Consultants LLP Dr. Om Prakash Singh