Production Engg

Production Engineering also called as Manufacturing Engineering is a Research based discipline having combination of manufacturing technology, Design engineering sciences & production management sciences. The group woks on the problems of the Manufacturing, Design & management challenges related to Manufacturing such as: Additive manufacturing, Unconventional manufacturing, Metal forming, Material characterizations, Welding Technology, Robotics, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Integrated manufacturing, Machine tools & Machining sciences, product design & development etc. The group is engaged in Teaching, Research & Consultancy & Ind. Training work.


  1. Prof. Santosh Kumar
  2. Prof. Sanjay Kumar Sinha
  3. Dr. Mohd Zaheer Khan Yusufzai
  4. Dr. Meghanshu Vashista
  5. Dr. Uppu Srinivas Rao
  6. Dr. Joy Prakash Misra