Sponsored Research Projects

The Department conducts cutting edge research on discovery and formulation development of therapeutic agents for treatment of human diseases. The thrust area(s) of the Department  includes therapeutic intervention of infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, neurological disorders, diabetes, cancer etc.

Research is conducted across the areas of drug discovery and formulation development from lead discovery from synthetic and natural sources, lead optimization through computational approaches, biochemical and pharmacological evaluation in animal models, clinical evaluation of drug candidates and drug delivery. Advanced chemical and bio-analytical tools including HPLC, HPTLC, NMR, SEM etc are utilized to accelerate the process of lead discovery and development research.

Interdisciplinary research projects involving faculty from other relevant disciplines such as Institute of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Science of Banaras Hindu University provides an unique research environment and opportunity for the research students and faculty members. 

Some of the major research projects run by the faculty members of the Department are listed below.

S. No. Title Period Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Co-ordinator
1 To Study the Effect of Antiplatelet  Agent on Vascular Inflammation for the Treatment of Atherosclerosis 2016-2018 IIT (BHU) 15.00 Lakhs Prof. Sanjay Singh
2 Nanocarriers for brain delivery via intranasal route
2017 IIT( BHU) 15.00 Lakhs Dr. Ruchi Chawla
3 HRD Fellowship – Young Scientist in Drug Chemistry 2016-2019 DHR, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare 45.12 Lakhs Prof. Sushant Kumar Shrivastava
4 Development of bioactive molecules as therapeutic agent for Alzheimer’s disease and screening their toxicity 2016-2017 IIT( BHU) 15.00 Lakhs Prof. S. K. Singh
5 Development and Evaluation of Nanocarrier System for Enhanced Anti-microbial Activity of Anacardic acid Against Human and Plant Pathogens 2014-2017 DST-State S&T Councils Programme 65.50 Lakhs Prof. Sanjay Singh
Development of slow releasing device containing curcumin in the management of human periodontal disease
DST, New Delhi 56.93 lakhs
Prof. Brahmeshwar Mishra (Co-PI)
7 Design and Synthesis of Matrix Metallo Proteinase (MMP -2 & 9) inhibitors as therapeutic agents for Alzheimer’s disease 2014-2017 DBT, New Delhi 60.52 Lakhs Prof. S. K. Singh
8 Novel crystal engineering approaches for efficient delivery of herbal medicines in the treatment of brain tumours. 2013 STINT, Sweden. 1,50,000 Swedish Krona
(13.63 Lakhs)
Prof. Sanjay Singh
9 Experimental and clinical basis of novel treatment strategy using mitochondrial modulators in neonatal anoxic injury 2012-2016 DBT, New Delhi 72.00 Lakhs Prof. Sairam Krishnamurthy