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Dr. Anita Mohan
Associate Professor
Department of Physics, IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Physics and Diagnostic of Solar Atmosphere, EUV and X-Ray Emission Processes, and Interdisciplinary: Synthesis & Characterization of Composites, Sliding Friction, Sliding wear, Erosion

Dr.(Mrs) Anita Mohan
Associate Professor 
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi
Mobile: 9415913888

PhD in Physics, IT-BHU

Have been associated with the department since 1996 and have been involved in teaching at undergraduate level. Joined department as regular faculty in 2004 and since then my teaching area has been Electromagnetics, Semiconductors, Instrumentation, Atmospheric Physics.

  • Tribological Society of India (TSI)
  • International Astronomical Union (IAU)
  • Astronomical Society of India (ASI)

Publications (Refereed): Papers/Book Chapters
1.    Ankit, Vineet Kumar, Ankitendran Mishra, Sunil Mohan, K.K.Singh, Anita Mohan, The effect of titanium carbide particles on microstructure and mechanical properties of copper/graphite composites prepared by flake powder metallurgy route, Materials Today Proceedings, 26, 1140 – 1144, (2020).
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DOI 10.1007/s40033-015-0091-7..
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Research Guidance 
PhD(Guided/Guiding): 6
PG Projects (Guided/Guiding): 31

•    PI, DST Project “Diagnostics and Dynamics of Solar Plasma” (1996 to 1999).
•    CSIR (SRA/Pool Officer) 2000-2003. Topic: “Electron Density, temperature and abundance anomalies in the solar atmosphere”
•    PI, DST Fast Track Project “ProbingCoronal Hole and Polar Plume Plasmas Observed by   SOHO/SUMER” (2003-2006)