Faculty Recruitments: General Information
  • Applications are invited for various faculty position through the rolling advertisement published on the IIT(BHU) website. For details, please visit: Faculty Recruitment
  • Department is primarily interested to appoint young, bright and meritorious candidates applied for the faculty position at the Assistant Professor level (both regular and contractual) on the priority basis. However, candidates applying for other positions may also be considered depending on the requirement of the department.
  • Candidate is expected to have an outstanding academic record (preferably with first class or equivalent in all the relevant academic degrees) with proven independent research capability. Mere fulfilment of the qualifications and experience may not be sufficient for consideration of the application for faculty position of the Department.
  • Candidates with a Bachelor degree in the Electronics and Communication Engineering or equivalent will be preferred. However, it is not applicable for the candidates earned the degree from an institution of repute where no separate department for the Electronics Engineering exists.
  • Since the Department runs 2-year M.Tech. programs in Microelectronics Engineering, Microwave Engineering, Digital Techniques and Instrumentation, and Communication Systems, candidates with a Master’s degree in the relevant specializations of the department will be preferred. However, relaxation may be given for outstanding candidates.
  • Although we require faculties in all the areas of specializations, but the applications in the following areas may be considered on the priority basis:

VLSI design and technology, VLSI for signal processing, Microprocessors and Computer architecture, Fault tolerant digitals systems, Mobile communication and computing, Digital communication and Information theory, Digital and mixed signal processing, Image processing, Computer networks

Selection Procedure:
All the applications received from the office of the Dean, Faculty Affairs of the Institute are processed through the following steps:
Step 1: A group of faculty members of different specializations is asked to examine all the applications for their suitability for a faculty position under different specializations.

Step 2: The recommendation of the faculty group are then circulated among the faculty members of the Department for their comments.
Step 3: The recommendation of the faculty group (Step 1) and the comments (under Step 2), if any, are discussed in the Department Faculty Advisory Committee (DFAC) to decide the list of candidates to be called for Seminar presentation and faculty interaction in the Department.
Step 4:  Recommendation letters are sought from the referees of the candidates short-listed for the Seminars.
 Step. 5: The short-listed candidates are asked to present two seminars: One on their respective area of research and the other on teaching. Under the teaching seminar, the candidates are asked to teach any topic of their preference from the courses at the Part-II, B.Tech. level to examine the fundamental concepts of the candidates. Candidates are also asked to meet the faculty members for some academic interactions.
Step 6: Written Feedbacks from faculty members on the performance of the candidates in the Seminars are collected from every faculty member present in the seminars. The written feedbacks are also collected to know the individual view of the faculty members based on their academic interactions with the candidates.
Step 7: The DFAC shortlists the candidates on the basis of the application, faculty input, seminars and referee comments. 
Step 8: The shortlisted candidates are presented to the Institute Faculty Advisory Committee (IFAC) to decide the final list of candidates to be called for an interview.
NOTE: Once the receipt of the application is acknowledged by the Institute/Department, no request of the candidates regarding the status of their applications will be entertained.