Ph.D. Research Guidance:
Supervisor  Prof. S. P. Singh
Title of the PhD Thesis Area of of Research Work
Alireza Bayat
Studies of Some Aspects of H-plane Sectoral Multilayer Solid and Hollow Dielectric Horn Antennas
S.K. Pathak
Some Studies of the Microwave Propagation on Helical Slow Wave Structure with Embedded Bio-media
S. Verma
Effect of Phase Noise on Heterodyne Optical Communication Systems (As Co-Supervisor)
Studies on Some Aspects of Effects of Microwave Exposure on Bio-samples
Navin Kumar Agrawal
Effect of Microwave Radiation on Thyroid Gland in Rats (As Co-Supervisor)
Mohsen Hosamo
RRM-ATM Switch Modeling and Performance Studies under Bursty Traffic Conditions
Ramesh Chandra Gupta
Some Studies on Box-horn and Slotted Waveguide Arrays Terminated in Bio-media
Prashant Vasistha
Design Considerations for the Development of Microstrip Stacked Antenna (As Co-Supervisor)
Basant Kumar
Some Studies on Medical Data Compression, Hiding, and Quality Assessment for Telemedicine
Ravi Kumar Gangwar
Some Studies on Dielectric Resonator Antennas Terminated in a Bio-medium 
(Ms.) Saba Shahin
Microwave (2.45 GHz, continuous wave) and Mobile phone (1800 MHz) Radiation Induced Stress Responses : Impact on Hippocampal Function and Reproduction in Mus musculus (As Co-Supervisor)
(Ms.) Soni Singh
Studies on Microwave Antennas for Hyperthermia  Applications
(Ms.) Situ Rani Patre
Studies on Broadband Antennas for UWB and MIMO Applications
Veer Singh Gangwar
Studied on Sparse Array Antennas for Radar Applications

Prof. P. Chakrabarti

Title of Thesis
Institute (Year)
B. K. Mishra
Computer Aided Modelling of Semiconductor Photo detector.
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Ranchi (1995)
M. Madheshwaran
Analysis and Simulation of some high-speed Photodetectors
Institute of Technology –BHU (1998)
V. Rajamani
Theoretical Study on Noise Performance of Semiconductor Photodetectors
Institute of Technology -BHU (1999)
Jai Shankar Singh
Some Analytical Studies on Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MESFET) using III-V semiconductors
Institute of Technology -BHU (1999)
Sudeb Dasgupta
Effect of Ionising Radiation on Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors
Institute of Technology –BHU (2001)
R. K. Chauhan
Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Some MOS based Devices
Institute of Technology –BHU (2002)
R.K. Lal
Modelling and Simulation of Mid-infrared Photodetectors
Institute of Technology –BHU (2007)
Pramod Maurya
Analysis and Simulation of Long Wavelength Infrared Photodetectors
Institute of Technology –BHU (2009)
Praveen Kumar Saxena
Analytical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Some Infrared Photodetectors Based on Narrow Bandgap Semiconductors
Institute of Technology –BHU (2009)
Arun DevDhar Dwivedi
Investigations on Some Photodetectors for Guided and Unguided Optical Communication Systems
Institute of Technology –BHU (2010)
Ms. Ghusoon Ali
Investigation on ZnO Thin film based Devices for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications.
Indian Institute of Technology-BHU (2011)
C. Periasamy
Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO nanostructured based electronic devices
Indian Institute of Technology -BHU (2012)
Ms. Shaivalini Singh
Fabrication, characterization and simulation of ZnO based thin-film Devices.
Indian Institute of Technology -BHU (2012)
Sanjeev Tyagi
Some Studies on Mid-infrared (MIR) Sources based on Narrow Bandgap Semiconductors
Gautam Buddh Technical University (Formerly UP Technical University), Lucknow (2012)
Sumit Vyas
ZnO based Thin Film Devices for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications 
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Ms. Pushpa Giri
Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO Nanostructure Devices for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Aditi Srivastava
Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Organic Semiconductor Devices for Electronic and Photonic Applications
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Satyendra Kumar Singh
Fabrication and Characterization of Undoped and Mg-doped ZnO Thin Film Based Heterojunction Devices for Electronic and Photonic Applications.
Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad

Prof. Anand Mohan
Sr. No.
Title of the Thesis
Name of Candidate
Some New Techniques of Improved Wavelet Domain Watermarking for Medical Images.
Dr. Amit Kumar Singh
Some Studies on Medical Data Compression Hiding and Quality Assessment for Telemedicine.
Dr. Basant Kumar
Modeling, Development, and Performance Improvement of Some Nuclear Radiation Sensors and Monitors.
Dr. Jagdeesh Prasad Meena
Some New Techniques of Survivable Avionic Systems Design using Fault Tolerance.
Dr. Akhilesh Pathak
Modeling and Simulation of High Pressure Piezoresistive MEMS Sensor.
Dr. Bhanu Shanker Chaurasia
Rural Radio Network Planning and Channel Characterization Using Experimental Data.
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Dalela
Study and Analysis of Information Hiding Techniques using Image Covers.
Dr. Harsh Vikram Singh
RRM-ATM Switch Modeling and Performance Studies under Bursty Traffic Conditions.
Dr. Mohsen Hosamo
Design and Simulation of 3-Stage Clos Switching Network for Enhanced QoS.
Dr. Manish Kumar Jha
FPGA Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Nega-Binary Adders and Control Relays.
Dr. S. K. Balasubramanian
Some New Spectral Methods for Fault Detection in Combinational Circuits.
Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh


Prof. P. K. Jain


  1. Analysis, Design and Simulation of the HPM Source — Reltron (2017)

  2. Performance improvement studies of magnetically insulated line oscillator (2017)

  3. Multimode large signal harmonic analysis of the gyro-traveling wave amplifiers (2017)

  4. Multi-mode analysis and simulation of gyroklystron amplifier (2017)

  5. Equivalent Circuit Approach to the Beam-Wave Interaction Analysis of the Magnetically Insulated Line Oscillator (2016)

  6. Design, Development and Characterization of an Electron Gun-Collector Module for a 42GHz 200kW Gyrotron (2015)

  7. Analytical and Simulation Studies of Gyroklystron Amplifiers (2015)

  8. Beam-Wave Interaction Studies of Gyro-TWT using a Metal PBG Waveguide as its RF structure (2013)

  9. Analysis, Design, Simulation and Development of a Non-Linear Taper for 200kW 42GHz Gyrotron (2013)

  10. Performance Improvement Studies on the Relativistic Magnetron (2013)

  11. Studies on Gyrotron using Metallic PBG Structure as RF Cavity (2012)

  12. Studies on RF Behavior of Magnetically Insulated Line Oscillator (MILO) (2012)

  13. Studies on large-Signal Behaviour of a Disc-Loaded Wideband Gyro-TWT Amplifier (2011).

  14. Simulation and Characterisation of Anisotropic and Inhomogeneously Loaded Helical Slow-Wave Structures for Wideband TWTs (2010)

  15. Studies on Vane-Loaded Coaxial Waveguiding Structures for Gyrotron Devices (2010)

  16. Study on the Formation of an Electron Beam and RF Interaction Structures of a Gyrotron (2009)

  17. Analysis of Disc-loaded Circular waveguides for wideband gyro-travelling-wave tubes (2006)

  18. Characterisation of Some Interaction Structures for Microwave Tube Amplifiers (2001)

  19. Design and Evaluation of Non-intercepting Gridded Electron Guns for Linear-Beam Microwave Tubes (2000)

  20. Analytical Studies on Inhomogeneously Loaded Helical Structures for Broadband TWTs (1996)


Prof. S. Jit

1. Chandan Kumar (2018), Fabrication and Characterization of PQT-12 Based Organic Thin Film Devices for Sensing Applications
​2. Abhishek Tripathi (2018), Target Tracking and Connectivity Using Deterministically Deployed Directional Wireless Sensor Networks
3. Yogesh Kumar(2018), Fabrication and Characterization of Solution Processed Colloidal ZnO Quantum Dots Based Spectrum Selective Ultraviolet Photodetectors
4. Sanjay Kumar (2018), Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Some Gate Structure Engineered Homo/Heterojunction Double-Gate Tunnel FETs
5. Gopal Rawat (2018), Fabrication and Characterization of p-Si/nTiO2 Nanostructured Heterojunction Diodes for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications
6. Hemant Kumar (2018), Fabrication and Characterization of Colloidal Quantum Dots Based Photodetectors
7. Ekta Goel (2017), Two Dimensional Analytical Modeling of Channel Engineered Dual-Material Double-Gate MOSFETs
8. Balraj Singh (2017), Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Double Gate Junctionless Field Effect Transistors (DG-JLFETs)
9. Kunal Singh (2017), “Modeling and Simulation of Some Ultra Shallow Junction Based Non-Conventional MOSFETs”
10. Amritanshu Pandey (2015), “Fabrication and Characterization of Some ZnO Thin-Film Based Devices for Ultraviolet Detection Applications”
11. Mirgender Kumar (2015), “Modeling and Simulation of Subthreshold Characteristics of Strained-Si SOI MOSFETs with Emphasis on Possible Terahertz Application”
12. Divya Somvanshi (2015), “Some Studies of ZnO Nanostructure Based Schottky and Heterojunction Devices Fabricated on Silicon Substrates”
13. Aniruddha Bahadur Yadav (2014), “Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO Thin Films and Pd/ZnO Schottky Contacts for Electronic and Gas Sensing Applications”
14. Purnima Hazra (2014), “Fabrication and Characterization of Some Si/ZnO Based Nanostructured Heterojunction Devices”
15. Sarvesh Dubey (2012), “Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Short-Channel Double-Gate MOSFETs with a Vertical Gaussian-like Doping Profile”
16. Deepak Mishra (2012), “Some Studies on the Combined Source Channel Coding for Deep Space Applications”
17. Pramod Kumar Tiwari (2011): Modeling and Simulation of Subthreshold Characteristics of  Short-Channel Double-Gate (DG) MOSFETs
18. Shweta Tripathi (2011): Two-Dimensional (2D) Modeling and Simulation of Optically Controlled Short-Channel GaAs MESFETs
19. Ghusoon M. Ali (2011): Investigations on ZnO Thin-Film Based Devices for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications
20. Neti V. L. Narasimha Murty (2007): Analytical Modeling of Optically Controlled GaAs MESFETs With Emphasis on Substrate Related Effects
21. Prashant Kumar Pandey (2004): Some Studies on Theoretical Modeling and Simulation of Si-SOI-MESFETs.

Prof. V. N. Mishra

  1. Ms. Preeti Pandey Development and Characterization of Pd-gate MOS sensor for hydrogen, methanol and Propanol detection Submitted in Dec. 2010 / Awarded
  2. Mr. Jitendra Kaushal Srivastava    Investigation of doped tin oxide based thick film gas sensors/arrays for detection of gases/organic vapours  Submitted in Jan. 2011/ Awarded
  3.  Mr. Ravi Kumar    Application of soft computational techniques for Identification/ quantification of gases/odours using responses of tin oxide based sensor arrays  Submitted in Jan. 2011/ Awarded
  4.  Mr. Navin Singh Rajput  Analysis Space transformation based Neural processing approach suitable for on-line classification of Gases/odours using the responses of thick film gas sensor array            Submitted in Nov. 2011/ Awarded
  5.  Ms. Meenakshi Chaudhary Synthesis and Characterisation of Doped Tin Oxide based Thick Film Sensors / Arrays for detection of gases. Submitted in June 2013
  6. Mr. Sunny   Classification and qualification of individual/Mixture of Gases/ Orders with soft Computational Techniques using SnO2 based Thick Film Array      Submitted in June 2015/ Awarded
  7.   Mr. Vinod Kumar    Fabrication and Characterization  of Gridded Gate Pt/SiO2/Si MOS Sensor For Hydrogen and Hydrogen Contaning Gases    Submitted in June 2015/ Awarded

Dr. M. K. Meshram

       1. Mayank Agarwal (2018), Multiband Metamaterial Absorbers and Application for Antenna Isolation Enhancement
       2. Bhagirath Sahu (2018), Studies on Microstrip Filters Integrated with Antennas for Wireless Applications (Co-supervised)
       3. Pouria Kamalvand (2016), Design and Studies of Single Sided Dual Antenna Structures for RFID Tags
       4. Gaurav Kumar Pandey (2016), Characterization of UWB Monopole and Vivaldi Antennas with Artificial Materials
       5. Hari Shankar Singh (2015), Some Investigations on MIMO/Diversity Antennas for Mobile Handset Applications
       6. Pradutt Kumar Bharti (2015), Some Investigations on Monopole Antennas for Mobile Phone Applications
       7. Amit Kumar Singh (2010), Some Investigations on Shorted Microstrip Antenna
       8. Kalpana Chaoudhary (2009), Some Theoretical Studies on Satellite Solar Power Station (Co-supervised)

Dr. Amit Kumar Singh

  1.  Sarthak Singhal: Some Investigations on UWB Microstrip Antennas
  2. Sudhir Bhaskar Pursuing Patch Antenna for RFID Tag

Dr. M. Thottappan

  1. Mr. Amit Arora - Multimode Time Dependent Analysis and Simulation Studies of the Gyro-TWT Amplifier (Awarded in 2017)
  2. Mr. Anshu Sharan Singh -  (Registred in 2014)
  3. Mr. Rajanish Kumar Singh - (Registered in 2015)
  4. Mr. Akash - (Registered in 2015)
  5. Mr. Mumtaz Ali Ansari - (Registered in 2015)
  6. Mr. Shyam Gopal Yadav (Registered in 2016)
  7. Mr. V. Venkata Reddy (Registered in 2017)
  8. Mr. Gundu Venkatesh (Registered in 2017)

Dr. Amritanshu Pandey

  1. Mr Sanjeev Mani Yadav, Joined PhD in 2017-18 (Odd sem), 2D semiconductor based NIR photodetector for optical communications.

Dr. N. S. Rajput

  1. Analysis of Quality of Service Parameters in High Altitude Platforms Based Communication Networks, Shri S.H.A.Al-Samhi (On-going since 2011/ About to submit)
  2. Pattern Recognition Process Enhancement using Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Classification of Thick Film Gas Sensor Responses, Shri Ashutosh Mishra