Research Schemes/Projects

Research Schemes/Projects Sponsored by various organization

Name of the Teacher Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Amount
Prof. P. Chakrabarti Analysis and Simuation of Photodetectors for mid-infrared Aplications CSIR 3 Years Rs. 10.00 lacs
Prof. S. K. Balasubramanian Special Manpower Development on VLSI & Related Software, Phase-II Ministry of Information & Commun. Technology 5 Years Rs. 59.00 lacs
Prof. S. K. Balasubramanian Simulation Studies on Doped Polycrystalline Pressure Sensors DRDO 2 Years Rs. 22.43 lacs
Prof. B. R. Vishwakarma & Prof. S. P. Singh Desing and Development of wideband microstrip antenna for S/C band DRDO 5 Years Rs. 27.12 lacs.
Prof. P. K. Jain Design and Development of 200kw CW/long Pulse 42GHz Gyrotron DST sponsored Joint Tech. Development Project 5 Years Rs. 244.5 lacs
Prof. P. K. Jain Studies on High-Power Microwave Device for Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Application DRDO 2 Years Rs. 9.9 lacs
Dr. M. Thottappan Electromagnetic Analysis, Design and Simulation of an X-band Gyro-Twystron Amplifier,Young Scientist Scheme, SERB, DST, India (On-going)      
Prof. S. Jit  Development of Polymer and Doped Quantum Dots Blended Tandem Solar Cells Using Low-Cost Solution Processed Method , DST, Govt. of India (On-going)      
Prof. S. Jit &  Dr. K. P. Sarawadekar Special Manpower Development Project for System to Chip Design (SMDP-C2SD) (National Level Project), DeitY, Govt. of India (On-going)      
Dr. Manoj Kumar Meshram Design and Development of Miniaturized Pattern/Frequency Reconfigurable MIMO Antennas and its Performance Improvement using Artificial electromagnetic material , SERB, 2017-2020 (On-going)      
Prof. P. K. Jain  Design Investigations of High Power mm-Wave W-Band Gyrotron, DRDO, INR 9.9 Lacs (on-going)      
Dr. Somak Bhattacharyya Study, Design and Implementation of Frequency Selective Metasurfaces for Microwave Applications, SERB Early Career Research Award, DST (on-going) SERB 3 Years INR 46.7 Lacs
Dr. M. Thottappan (PI) & Dr. Somak Bhattacharyya (Co-PI) Electromagnetic Analysis, Design and Simulation of Dual frequency (S- and C-band) Relativistic Backward Wave Oscillator – A HPM Source DRDO 3 Years INR 46.85 Lacs
Dr. Shivam Verma Development of Simulation Software for Spintronic Device and Circuit Simulation SERB 2 Years INR 16.1 Lacs