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Dr. Cherian Samuel
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT (BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Supply chain management, Production & Operations Management, System Dynamics

Dr. Cherian Samuel joined the department of Mechanical Engineering as a faculty member in 2002. He obtained his Ph.D in Industrial Engineering and Management from IIT Kharagpur.

1. Atul Kumar Tiwari (Awarded), Ph. D. thesis titled: Modeling Flexibility in supply chains to counter uncertainties & disasters

2. Bharat Patel (Awarded) Ph.D. thesis titled: Studies on some aspects of Supply chain Agility

3. AnandJaiswal(Awarded), Ph.D. thesis titled: Analysis and optimization of vehicular pollution: A case of Varanasi

 4. Manish Kumar (Awarded), Ph.D. Thesis: Optimal Planning of distributed generation system

5. Vinaytosh Mishra (Awarded) Ph.D. thesis titled: Strategic Planning and Management  for Diabetes Care ~ A Case of Varanasi

6. Abhishek Singh (Completed), Ph.D. thesis titled: Evaluation of perceived values of customers and positioning strategy of apparel retailing: A case of Varanasi city

7. Ajeet Kumar Yadav (Ongoing), Supply chain resilience

8. Abhishek Raj (Ongoing), Healthcare waste management

S. Name Year Title of Thesis
No.   of  
1. Vinay K. 2005 Supplier evaluation using AHP
2. Ananya 2005 System dynamics study of service supply chains
  Mishra   Performance
3 Kumar 2007 Performance Analysis of periodic review inventory
  Gaurav   control system
4 Kasiviswana 2008 Analysing effect of Information enrichment on order
  dhGonapa   & inventory variability of supply chain
5 N.V. Chalam 2009 An integrated approach for Supplier selection
6 Himanshu S 2010 Exploring VMI over traditional Supply chain
7 Pradeep K.M 2010 Development of a SC simulation model of a 3PL
8 Vineet 2010 Measuring service quality in higher education at
  Mishra   BHU in Varanasi
9 Manoj Kr 2011 A systematic approach for enhancing SC
10 SatyavanRai 2011 Cost saving using model driven DSS method in SC’s
11 PiyushPandey 2012 Supplier selection using Goal programming & fuzzy
      programming approaches
12 Ajay Ojha 2012 CTM as a tool of enhancing SC performance & SC
13 Arun Dixit 2012 Evaluating Effect of OQ & LT with impeded SQ on
      SCF and buyer’s behavior
14 Ramji 2013 Study of Seller-Buyer SC approach using Game
      theory approach
15 Inderjeet Bhardwaj 2014 Analysis of Supply Chain Transportation Disruptions with Different Transportation Capacities
16 Mohd Arif 2014 System dynamics modeling and statistical screening of uncertain power projects
17 Jatin Sukhadiya 2014 Selection and evaluation of private technical institution: an integrated approach
18 Narayan Kumar 2015 Quantifying the bullwhip effect in a supply chain with non-stationary demand
19 Ajay Kumar 2015 Analysis of routing flexibility & performance measurement in Flexible manufacturing system
20 Ajeet Kr Yadav 2016 Comparison of Resilient performance in two cases of Supply Chains
21 Anil Kumar 2016 A modified Data Envelopment Analysis model for Green-Supplier Selection
22 Ankur Srivastava 2016 Optimizing Turning parameters under multiple performance characteristics
23 Pallavi Singh 2017 Prediction of loan defaulter in an Indian public sector bank
24 Nenavath Narasimha Naik 2017 Improving Economic Scales of Horticulture Sector by introducing a new supply chain network
25 Sudhir Narwal 2019 Green-Supplier selection through fuzzy topsis and ISM
26 Aryan Dilip Choudhary 2019 Realistic policy design in system dynamics model: Modal control theory and optimal control theory application
27 Himanshu Kr. Singh 2019 An integrated approach to facility relocation problem: A case study
28 Rajveer Singh 2019 A strategic model for network design of an Omni-channel retail supply chain
29 Himanshu Chauhan 2021 A hybrid algorithm of firefly and ant colony system for solving vehicle routing problem
30 Shubham Kamboj 2021 Management of healthcare facilities with patient flow in hospitals during pandemic
31 Anushka Kushwaha 2021 Bi-objective constrained P-median facility location problem: Generalized model and a case of locating health ATMs in Indian villages
Period   Sponsoring     Title of Project Amount PI, Co-PI or
    Organization       of Grant Co-Investigator
2 yrs   AICTE   Mathematical & simulation 10 Lakh Co-Investigator
        modeling of issues of SCM    
1 yr   DIC, IIT (BHU)   Development of cabinets using PCB’s Rs.0.425 lakhs PI
1 yr   IRP, IIT (BHU)   Identification of Pollution levels on the streets of Varanasi and developing a traffic routing model for an environment optimized traffic flow strategies Rs.8,60,940 PI
Period   Organization   Nature of Responsibility Designation
3 years   Ramanujam Hostel, Taking care of Student affairs Warden
    IIT (BHU)   with reference to Hostel  
 2016-2017   Mech.  Engg. Dept., IIT (BHU)   Taking care of UG matters DUGC Convener
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S. Author(s) Year Title Name and Place of
No       Conference
1 Samuel C. and   Impact of order batching International conference
  Mahanty B 2002 on a multi-echelon supply on manufacturing, BUET,
      chain Dhaka
2 Samuel C. and
Mahanty B
2002 System dynamics study on Impact of price factor on supply chain management International conference on Integrating world markets-Living excellence through technology & Beyond, MNREC, Allahabad.
3 Samuel C. and 2000 System dynamics National conference on
  Mahanty B   modeling of a System dynamics,
      decentralized supply Hyderabad
4 Bijulal D. and 2002 Service-oriented supply Annual conference,
  Samuel C   chain and capacity Society of Operations
      management management, IIM
      (Awarded as Best Kozhikode.
5 Samuel C. and
Mahanty B
2004 Modeling of a simple
multi-echelon supply
International conference on Logistics and supply chain management, PSG College of Engg. & Technology, Coimbatore, India.
6 V. Tiwari, C. 2008 Selection of an appropriate International Conference of
  Samuel, Ratna K   supplier Supply Chain Management,
        BHU Varanasi
7 A.K.Agarwal, K. 2008 Analysis of Periodic International Conference of
  Gaurav, & C.   review Supply Chain Supply Chain Management,
  Samuel   System BHU Varanasi
8 K.Gonapa, 2008 Effect of supply chain National conference on
  C.Samuel, A.K.   policy on order & Systems Thinking & SD,
  Agarwal   inventory variability IT-BHU, Varanasi
9 N.V.Chalam& 2010 Data Envelopment
Analysis Integration with
TCO and FEAHP for
Supplier Selection
Industrial engineering
  C. Samuel   Applications, Department
      of Industrial Engineering,
      Anna University, Chennai
10 H.Srivastava &
2009 Exploring the benefits of
Vendor Managed
International Conference in Simulation Modelling & Analysis, Dept. Of Mechanical Engg., NIT Calicut

Papers published in Conference Proceedings


No. Authors Year Title Name & place of conference
11 Pradeep M & C.Samuel 2009 An Approach for finding Critical Component for Supplier Development International Conference in Simulation Modelling & Analysis, Dept. Of Mechanical Engg., NIT Calicut
12 C. Samuel, S.K Sharma &A.Sarkar 2007 Issues in agricultural storage and distribution National conference on system dynamics, IPE, Osmania University, Hyderabad
13 C. Samuel, K.Gonapa &
2006 Health care service supply chain management National conference on system dynamics, Hubli
14 A.Sarkar, C. Samuel, P.K.J. Mohapatra 2006 Maximization of Vehicle Capacity Utilization: A Case of MRO Items Annual conference of Society of Operations Management, IIM Ahmedabad
15 Tiwari A.K, Samuel C, Singh V.P, Saraswati V 2012 Fuzzy numbers with nonlinear membership functions to provide flexibility in TSP International conference on advanced computing, Bangalore
16 Tiwari A.K, Samuel C & Tiwari A 2012 Flexibility in supplier selection using fuzzy numbers with nonlinear membership functions International conference on advanced computing, Bangalore
17 Tiwari A.K, Samuel C & Bhardwaj P 2012 Measuring SC Flexibility considering inventory buffers in uncertain environments International conference on Agile Manufacturing, IIT BHU (Adjudged best paper)
18 Tiwari A.K, Samuel C & Bhardwaj P 2012 A Literature review on empirical studies in SC Flexibility International conference on Agile Manufacturing, IIT BHU, Varanasi
19 Samuel C, Tiwari A.K, & Patel B. 2012 Agility & leanness in supply chains revisited International conference on Agile Manufacturing, IIT BHU, Varanasi
20 Ramji & C.Samuel 2012 A model for Supply chain flexibility under demand uncertainty International conference on Agile Manufacturing, IIT BHU, Varanasi
21 Bharat S.P. C.Samuel &
S. K. Sharma
2012 A review of SC risk mgt. in different types of supply chains International conference on Agile Manufacturing, IIT BHU, Varanasi
22 Samuel C., Tiwari A.K, Singh V.P & Saraswati V. 2012 Comparing linear & nonlinear membership functions in supply chain processes National Conference on Mathematical modeling & computer simulation, Mathematics Dept, IIT BHU
23 Samuel C, Sarkar A, Sharma S.K 2005 Service-oriented Supply Chains and policy experimentation National conference on system dynamics, Tezpur University, Assam
24 Jaiswal A, Samuel C, Patel B.S, Singh G. 2014  
 Power through waste: A study on advancements in power generation from waste
30th National Convention of “Mechanical Engineers and National Seminar on Green Technology in Power Sector” Gorakhpur


25 Patel B.S., Samuel C., Sharma S.K. 2016 Effect of skill development on agility of Supply Chain National conference on skill india initiative, muzaffarnagar-2016.
26 Patel B.S., Tiwari A.K., Samuel C., Sharma S.K. 2015 Interpretive structural modeling of agile supply chain enablers International Conference on Agile Manufacturing-2015, Sultanpur (UP).
27 Kumar M., Samuel C., & Jaiswal A 2015 An overview of distributed generation in power sector International conference on Recent trends in Engineering Sciences & Management, March 2015,JNU, Delhi
28 Anjomshoae A, Hassan A, Samuel C. & Yew W.K. 2015 Effect of information sharing and capacity adjustment on healthcare service supply chain: The case of flood disaster Malaysian research conference and innovation exhibition (MRCIE 2015)
29 V Mishra,
C Samuel,
S.K. Sharma
2016 Capacity Planning For Diabetes Management -Indian Example International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Malaysia, March 8-10, 2016
30 Kumar M., Samuel C., & Jaiswal A 2016 Demand of Renewable Distributed Generation Technology in Power Sector RENCON-16,Renewble energy conference,  IEI IIT, Roorkee