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Dr. Jairam Meena
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering & Technology IIT(BHU)
Area of Interest: 
Vaccine Immunology and Immunotherapeutics

Post-Doctoral Fellow- University of Minnesota USA 
Ph.D- National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi
M.Pharm-Indian Institute of Technology (B.H.U.), Varanasi
B.Pharm-Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur, Rajasthan


Vaccine Immunology-Vaccine development for infectious diseases, Glycoconjgate vaccine for T cell independent carbohydrate antigens, Adjuvants 
Antibody drug conjugates and immunotherapy 
Nanoparticle based drug delivery 
Recombinant protein antigen purification 

Papers Published 

Total Impact Factor-139.11
Average Impact Factor-6.32

1. Ahuja R, Shelly A, Meena J, Singh M, Sehgal D, Panda AK. Enhanced immunogenicity of recombinant pneumococcal protein delivered using thermostable polymer particles. Materialstoday Communications. 2022: 103894. IF: 3.66

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3. Meena J, Gupta A, Ahuja R, Singh M, Panda AK. Recent advances in Nano-engineered approaches used for enzyme immobilization with enhanced activity. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 2021; 338:116602. I.F: 6.63

4. Meena J, Kumar R, Singh M, Ahmed A, Panda AK. Modulation of immune response and enhanced clearance of Salmonella typhi by delivery of Vi polysaccharide conjugate using PLA nanoparticles. Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2020;152:270-281. I.F: 5.58

5. Meena J*, Gupta A, Ahuja R, Panda AK, Bhaskar S. Inorganic nanoparticles for natural product delivery: a review. Environmental Chemistry Letters. 2020; 1-12.  I.F: 13.61    (*Corresponding author)

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Book Chapters:
1. Meena J*, Gupta A, Ahuja R, Panda AK, Bhaskar S. Inorganic Particles for Delivering Natural Products. Sustainable Agriculture Reviews 44. 2020; 205-241. (*Corresponding author)

2. Ahuja R, Panwar N, Meena J, Sarkar DP, Panda AK. Delivery of Natural Products Using Polymeric Particles for Cancer Chemotherapeutics. Sustainable Agriculture Reviews 43. 2020; 67-112.

1. Meena J and Panda AK. A novel typhoid vaccine comprise of conjugate of Vi polysaccharide with flagellin. Details: Indian patent application 201611002743 filed on 25/01/2016

2. Meena J and Panda AK. A novel conjugate for vaccination against typhoid comparising chemical conjugate of vi polysaccharide and flagellin, a process for producing the same and composition comprising the same. Details: European patent application 17788946.6-111 pct/in2017050142 filed on 21/04/2017 5

3. Meena J and Panda AK. Conjugate for vaccination against typhoid comprising chemical conjugate of Vi polysaccharide and flagellin, a process for producing the same and a composition comprising the conjugate. Details: USA patent application 16096387 published on 09/05/2019

4. Meena J and Panda AK. A highly efficient polymer particulate vaccine formulation entrapping admixture of alum and antigen. Details: Indian patent application 201911036242 filed on 09/09/2019

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7. Singh M, Meena J, Sori H, Ahuja R, Saxena S, Sehgal D and Panda AK. A novel glycoconjugate vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae. Details: Indian patent application no 2020110282033 filed on 02/07/2020