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Dr. Sunil Kumar Mishra
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology
Area of Interest: 

Teaching Pharmacognosy, Natural Products, Plant Tissue Culture, Phytochemistry etc.
Odd Semester

PH 341 Natural Drugs and Excipients
PH 546 Medicinal Natural Products
PH 544 Herbal Drug Technology
PH 541 Evaluation of Natural Drugs
PH 441 Plant Tissue Culture
Even Semester
PH 241 General Pharmacognosy
PH 342 Industrial Pharmacognosy
PH 542 Medicinal Plant Biotechnology
PH 543 Herbal Drug Form. & Standardization

Research Interest
1. Micro propagation of medicinal plants through tissue culture.
2. Pharmacognostical studies of medicinal plants.
3. Phytochemical study of medicinal plants.
4. Formulation and standardization of herbal drugs.
5. Biological evaluation of herbal drugs.

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1. Study to investigate the potential protective impact of medicinal plants on Cyclophosphamide induced oxidative stress, inflammation, and  apoptosis in liver, amount - 14.67240 lakhs, funded by IIT (BHU).
2. Preparation of Medicinal/Herbal garden and Creation of awareness among school children of Varanasi and Surrounding areas - 2.33 Lakhs, funding by IIT (BHU).
3. Procurement of Equipments for strengthening the labs - 25.0 Lakhs, IIT(BHU).
4. Seed money of Rs. 0ne lakhs and forty thousand from BHU.

1. “Bilayer Compressed Extended Release Pellets” - Applied, yet to get approval.

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Drug and Chemical Toxicology
BioMed Research International
International Journal of Nanomedicine
Toxicology Research.